Sunday, February 15, 2009

8 Men Out--The Sequel

We all know about the Black Sox Scandal and the Movie "8 Men Out"

So with the Steroid scandal there appears to be a backlash against the alleged users.

Well listening to MLB Live on XM this afternoon I heard the Host Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton and he talked about what may prove to be the "NEW" (8 Men Out) --of the "Hall of Fame".

This is also discussed in todays New York Daily News..The News examines the Hall of Fame chances for MLB's new 'Eight Men Out by Anthony Mccarron

They 8 would be...

1)Roger Clemens
2)Mark McGuire,
3)Sammy Sosa,
4)Barry Bonds,
5)Alex Rodriguez
6)Pudge Rodriguez,
7)Rafael Palmiero,
8)Gary Sheffield.

So will this be a Movie 20 years from now?
What do you think?


"Nutball Gazette" said...

I want to also say that Anthony Mccarron of the New York Daily News wrote about this.

(The News examines the Hall of Fame chances for MLB's new 'Eight Men Out')

Lester's Legends said...

800 men out.

It wasn't just those select few.

Anonymous said...

On one hand, this is an interesting thought. On the other, we in Cincinnati still deal with Pete Rose and his issue.

So the way the Bud Selig has dealt with us, I really don't care much about those guys. Besides, Mr. Bud went a long time ignoring the drug issue.