Monday, February 2, 2009

TV Ratings

This from The Orlando Sentinel an
Jerry Greene and his "Virtual Cheap Seats" Blog

We (Orlando Fl.) were watching along with most everyone else. Orlando's overnight rating for Super Bowl XLIII was 46.4 (by my shaky math, representing about 650,000 households) with a 66 percent share of the sets in use at the time -- which would seem to imply that one out of three of us was watching something else.

The national overnight was 42.1 and a 65 percent share, only down 5.8 percent from last year's 44.6/66 for the Giants-Patriots game -- a relative victory for NBC considering the lack of national appeal by the Arizona Cardinals.

Pittsburgh, unsurprisingly, led the nation -- but it was Norfolk second and Jacksonville third! Phoenix was actually ninth although it's 47.5 number did represent 80 percent of the sets in use there. Apparently, much of Phoenix simply went to bed or was out bowling.

In the state, after Jacksonville in third, Tampa (where the game took place) was sixth and Fort Myers seventh before Orlando in 14th. Miami was not in the top 25. Maybe they were sulking because the Fish didn't get there.

1. Pittsburgh 53.6/79
2. Norfolk 52.6/72
3. Jacksonville 50.6/71
4. Buffalo 50.4/68
5. Richmond 49.3/67
6. Tampa 49.2/70
7. Ft. Myers 48.1/68
8. Cleveland 47.7/69
9. Phoenix 47.5/80
10. Indianapolis 47.4/65
11. Nashville 47.2/66
12. Washington D.C. 46.7/70
13. Columbus 46.5/67
14. Orlando 46.4/66
15. Memphis 46.3/63
16. Philadelphia 46.2/65
17. New Orleans 45.7/63
18. Knoxville 45.2/58
19. Baltimore 45.0/63
T20. Denver 44.7/76
T20. Las Vegas 44.7/68
T20. Greensboro 44.7/63
T23. Charlotte 44.6/63
T23. Greenville 44.6/60
25. St. Louis 44.5/69

My comment is...Pittsburgh loves its Steelers,

Does this mean that so called "Football Cities" like New York, Dallas,Miami and Boston only care about their cities teams and could not care if the NFL exists if their teams are not there, (Maybe they are sore losers) and also a city like Los Angeles who they say "wants" a team. (Rumored to wanting to put 2 teams in a new stadium) {Maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars and reaquiring the Rams} really does not care for Football at all..

This seems to show that more people in Norfolk Va., every city in Florida exept Miami (Dolphins), Tallahassee (Seminoles) and Gainsville (Gators) than those so-called big league cities.

And what the heck does that show about Phoenix that finished 9th behind a bunch of non-NFL Cities and some with them too.

I guess you cannot go by TV Ratings to determine where an NFL Team goes..Other wise you would have the following teams

Norfolk (Va) Giants, Richmond (Va) Jets, Ft Myers (Fl) Dolphins, Columbus (Oh) Bengals, and the Orlando (Fl) Patriots. (Has a nice ring to it! Doesn't it)


afrankangle said...

Larry ... I just saw this one ... I'm in Cincinnati, although Columbus can have the Bengals, that would be too close ... so how about Orlando?

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Well Orlando is too close to Tampa. But I was just being a wise guy to Patriot Fan friend of mine

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