Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Injuries I have suffered.

Last May 15th I suffered a Hip Injury hopping on the Tampa bays bandwagon as the Excerpt of a blog I wrote can prove, It was a great ride on the bandwagon and my Hip healed completely But Read below the portion from last year to hear about this years serious injury I have suffered. Just for the Record. This refers to the Rays being in 1st Place and the Yankees in Last Place..

Look what I wrote in May 2008 also check out this link from my Sporting News Blog from July 2008.

Fwd: Look who is 1st and who is last!! Hah????

Thursday, May 15, 2008 7:30 PM

"Dan S." , "Pete S." , "Mike F."

I am sure you are enjoying this Pete! But when the Rays defeat the Red Sox in the ALCS this October you won't be laughing!

I am now suffering from a serious ankle sprain jumping off the Rays bandwagon. I am willing to proclaim them eliminated from the playoff race. Stick a fork in them, Not only will they not make the playoffs, But they will finish Last in the AL east with at least 90 losses and well behind the 4th place team. (Toronto or Baltimore)
The Bullpen is the worst in baseball since the 1962 Mets, and with the exception of Matt Garza The starting Pitching is also a Disaster.
Add that B J Upton just cannot hit. Add 2B Akinori Iwamura is out for the season The Rays are headed to a historic downward spiral. And with the attendence so poor I see the Owners starting to trade anyone making pretty good money by Mid 2010.

One other prediction is that My other team I picked to be in the 2008 World Series and My pick to go to the NLCS the Chicago Cubs are imploding and I can see them sinking to anywhere from 4th to 6th (and last) in the NL Central. With the Hotheads of Carlos Zambrano, Lou pinella who seems to be in total frustration and about to have a total meltdown and with the signing of the always Out Of Control Milton Bradley I see this as ending up to be one of the worst years in Club History.


Rad said...

I think there's still hope for the Rays. Upton should come around and Kazmir should help out Garza along with Price in the rotation. Their just not getting the breaks they were last year. Wrap that ankle up and get back on the wagon (I'm a Yankee fan so I can't hop on their with you lol).

Noone is running away with the division yet, after another month like this, then you can jump and save yourself.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Great Response Rad
BTW I just added your blog on to my link list.
Also Saw Your other blog.
Good Luck to you..I admire your courage.

Rad said...

Thanks for the addition Nutball, I'll be sure to add you to my list.

The other blog is mostly about the wife (if that is the other blog your talking about), thanks for the well wishes and I will be sure to pass them on to her.

Keep up the good work brother

afrankangle said...

Sometimes everything falls in place for a team, thus causing them to soar. This could have been last year's Rays.

But 2009 is a different year and at least so far, many things have gone against them. Can they rebound? Maybe ... would I bet on it? Nada.

Woefully Irrelevant White Guy said...

Nutball, The Jays will be in 3rd! Count onit. THe os have one decent starter, Guthrie and who else? Unless they get the highly overblown prospect, Matt weiners(sic) to pitch for them!