Saturday, May 2, 2009

A-Rod under investigation by MLB

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A-Rod under investigation by MLB

The New York Times is reporting that MLB is investigating Alex Rodriguez’s use of PEDs to determine the truthfulness of his claims.

Selena Roberts, who has a book coming out about Rodriguez, was asked to cooperate with the investigation and refused.

This news comes amid reports that commissioner Bud Selig has not yet decided whether baseball will investigate whether Rodriguez tipped pitches to friends on other teams the hope that they would do the same for him.

During his time with the Texas Rangers, Rodriguez often was allowed to call pitches from his position at shortstop. That would have easily enabled him to tip off opponents.

My Take..Everyone knows how much I hate a-Rod, but

If Roberts will not cooperate I cannot see how MLB can do anything. The Players Union will not stand for it, And A-Rod may be able to Sue MLB if they suspend him without conclusive proof.


Lester's Legends said...

Now they are saying he tipped pitches while he was in Texas. That I have a problem with even more than the steroids since virtually everyone was juicing.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

If True this is a "Banned For Life" crime

afrankangle said...

A-Rod has finally earned my "Wish he'd go away" vote.

Altius Directory said...

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