Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Labron and Kobe the 2009 version of Dan and Dave (1992) Olympics

Saw this posted on Facebook by Oz Ortiz

What do Dan and Dave have I common with LeBron and Kobe? Both equally hyped by the media before a big (hoped for) show down. Problem is only one made it then, and only one(Kobe)is going to make it now.

My Comment is
And Dave did not win a Gold Medal.
Will it happen to Kobe this year by losing in the Finals vs the Magic??
Just asking.

Of course I still would not count out Labron just yet vs the Magic.


afrankangle said...

Sure the television network wants Labron vs Kobe because of revenue from commercials. After all, it's all about the bottom line, thus not the game.

Rad said...

Wow, I remember all the Dan and Dave commercials that ran on TV. That was a huge failure with Dan not qualifying for the Decathalon Finals and and then Dave falling short of the Gold Medal. I think once the NBA did the commercial with the Kobe and Lebron puppets, that should have been the 1st sign that this thing might not work out as planned.

Good stuff man