Thursday, December 10, 2009

"The Expert" Picks week 14

Another so-so week

Last Week---10-6

Thursday Night

Steelers--26 @ Browns--10 (Steelers keep on struggling, One more loss and they will be renamed the Plastics, The Browns cannot even beat the Girl Scouts, Thus they are now known as the Brownies headed by Eric Wonangini)


Dolphins--20 @ Jags--24 (Dolphins will have a let down after big win over the Patriots, Only hope for Mahi-Mahi's is that the Jaguars can play like Kittens when it counts, If Miami looses this game say goodbye to any playoff chances, Jags can solidify their wildcard spot with a win)

Broncos--23 @ Colts--27 (Broncos give the Colts another big scare but the Colts stay unbeaten, A Broncos win will almost guarantee a playoff spot )

Saints--35 @ Falcons--16 (Falcon injuries doom them as Saints keep on marching to the #1 sees in the NFC Playoffs)

Packers--31 @ Bears--17 (Packers are on a roll and Bears are playing like stuffed teddy bears as they tumble out of playoff contention)

Lions--6 @ Ravens--13 (Ravens win a very ugly game, Ravens lose this one they will be known as the Canary's)

Jets--16 @ Bucs--10 (Another ugly game, Jets find a way to eek out a win in an a match up of
The Paper Airplanes vs the Yucs)

Bills--20 @ Chiefs--10 (KC trying the Patriot way of doing things is a disaster as it has for every team that has tried it, Bills are playing for pride and avoid being renamed the Pennies)

Seahawks--17 @ Texans--10 (Texans seem to have given up and will fire the entire staff and start over again, Seahawks will win at least this one while waiting for Holmgren to take organization)

Panthers--17 @ Patriots--21 (Patriots are lucky that they have a cupcake schedule, Panthers another team that has given up as John Fox will be interviewing for the New York Football Midget Defensive Coordinator job after the season ends)

Bengals 23 @ Vikings--16 (Vikings have alot of injuries on both sides of the ball and the running game has disappeared thus we have the old gunslinger Brett Favre getting picked off at least 3 times again, Bengals show that they are the Real Deal as Chad "Hachi Go," {Japenese for Ocho Cinco has a another big game then does something to get fined another 30 Grand}

Rams--10 @ Titans--23 (Titans get back on track to tray to salvage a .500 season)

Redskins--20 @ Raiders--24 (Raiders win again in a pretty darn good game of bad teams that are playing hard for jobs next year)

Chargers--17 @ Cowboys--23 (Cowboys regroup to get their one win for December)

Sunday Night

Eagles--27 @ Giants--17 (Eagles continue their march to a division tittle as Giants aka The Midgets continue the downward spiral of a season)

Monday Night

Cards--27 @ 49rs--10 (Cards try to continue the playoff push (2nd wild card along with Packers) --That means the Cowgirls will not make the playoffs Boys and Girls


Crazy Canton Cuts said...

the Steelers can pack up for the winter now

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Steelers look like they quit