Saturday, December 26, 2009

"The Expert" Picks week 16 (Part 2)

Last Week--8-8 (Ugggh) (Is there any doubt why I am "The Expert"
Season 147-79

Review of Fridays Game Pick

Friday Night---

San Diego--34 @ Titans--31 (A Christmas Classic, But Titans Miracle run ends)

(Well it was not a classic, The Chargers may be for real this year)

Here is Sunday and Monday's game,

Bills--6 @ Falcons--10 (More Ugly games)

Chiefs--6 @ Bengals--24 (Bengals put away the division)

Raiders--6 @ Browns--24 (No stopping the Juggernaut Browns now)

Seahawks--13 @ Packers--27 (Rodgers and company get tuned up for the playoffs)

Texans--13 @ Dolphins--24 (Dolphins head to a possible winner takes all showdown vs Steelers next week)

Jaguars--10 @ Patriots-34 (Fred Taylor reminds the 4 Jaguar fans watching what they are missing with a 148 yard game and 3 Touchdowns)

Yucs--3 @ Saints--48 (The Yucs sink to a franchise low in ineptitude as this leads to a Home final vs The Falcons in front of 47 fans at the Bucs home stadium)

Panthers 10 @ Giants--38 (Once dead Giants now head into the final week with a very good chance to make the playoffs)

Ravens--16 @ Steelers--31 (Steelers win and head to a probable winner takes all final at Miami for final playoff spot)

Rams--7 @ Cardinals--24 (Card get their licks in getting ready to try another run in the playoffs)

Lions--3 @ 49rs 17 (Lions continue to look like there was little improvement from last year)

Broncos--10 @ Eagles--35 (Broncos continue one of the worst collapses in NFL History going from 6-0 to out of the playoffs, Eagles set up a showdown vs Cowboys for AFC east crown next week)

Paper Airplanes--17 @ Colts--31 (Colts put Jets out of their misery)

Sunday Night

Cowboys--38 @ Redskins--10 (Cowboys set up next week vs the Eagles for division crown and for the Cowboys might be fighting for their playoff lives and Wade Phillips and Jason Garrets job too)

Monday Night

Vikings--17 @ Bears--6 (Vikings clinch the #2 seed in the playoffs and a 1st round bye but questions get louder for Bret Favre and the coaching staff as the Offense sputters, Meanwhile Jay Cutler might be paving his way to the CFL or the new Arena League with another awful effort)


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