Thursday, December 17, 2009

"The Expert" Picks week 15 (Part 1) + Comment

Last Week 9-7
Season (139-71)

Only doing Thursday and Saturday Games --Rest of the week coming,

Thursday Night

Colts--27 @ Jaguars--23 (Another close game for these Two teams, Colts do find a way to win and keep the dream of shutting Mercury Morris's Mouth up)

BTW (Morris is back and more annoying than ever)

Saturday Night

Dallas (Calf-Girls)--23 @ Saints 34 (Saints keep their side up as the Calf-Girls continue the December Ice Freeze, This maybe Wade Phillips last game)

Now a comment on this past week news,

The Death of Chris Henry is so tragic, Henry seemed to have turned his life around and to have this happen to him is really a tragedy to his children, family and teammates, Those who have Twitted or put on Discussion boards saying that they were happy this happened to him are truly the Low Life Scum of the Earth and with thoughts like that I have to wonder how they can look at themselves in the mirror or try to teach their kids the way to be a good person in society.

The Tiger Woods case is another sad story but really this is 100% his fault, I have seen some reports that his popularity has tumbled from it's high to low is more dramatic than anyone else in history of poll taking and this includes (Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, O J Simpson and Richard Nixon).

And if there is anything at all to the allegations that he may have used HGH or Steroids his popularity and the respect he has in the community or among sports fans will be gone forever, He will never be recognized by most fans as among the greatest golfers of all time, (If it is true) I sure hope it is not and I do not think it is true, I do believe he has done it the right way, Time will tell.


Oh Great One said...

I must confess you are absolutely smoking me right now, MR. EXPERT!!! I have been swamped with work of late, but that is no excuse for my being 9, count em, nine games behind you now. But alas, the colts lose, this week, so I should pick up a game, ho ho ho.

LestersLegends said...

Nice call on Indy. I agree with you that we shouldn't feel sorry for Tiger. He messed up many of beds and now he has to lie in them.

As for people bad mouthing Henry, that's just tasteless.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Game was better than I even expected

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

awesome pick n the Jags

hope you are right about the Saints too