Saturday, January 2, 2010

"The Expert" Picks week 17

Here we go. It all comes down to this week,
If the Jets and Ravens win they are in, If not the door is open for the Steelers, Broncos, Texans, Jaguars and Dolphins, (Some need a little help others need lots of help, but the Jets got that kind of break between the Colts handing them the game and every team they needed to lose did lose so it can happen.....BUT

Also looking ahead, I will say that there are 2 teams in the NFC with NO CHANCE of being in the Super Bowl, They are the Saints and Vikings..The favorites to me is #1 Eagles, followed by the , Cardinals, Packers, and Cowboys,
In the AFC the teams with no chance are the Wild Cards (Jets, Ravens, Broncos, Dolphins, Texans, and Jaguars) But wait what about he Steelers? If they get in watch out! also no way the Bengals get in and I say no way the Colts get in,
#1 in the AFC right now is the Chargers, Patriots, and if they make it the Steelers

Last Week--11-5
Season ---158-84 (I am going to review these figures, #s do not seem right)

Colts--13 @ Bills--20 (Colts only play Starters for less than a half in cold weather)

Jaguars--10 @ Browns--28 (The Los Angeles Jaguars are put out of their misery as Browns make it tough on Holmgren to fire Womangini)

Bears--23 @ Lions--10 (Lions close out in misery and lucky that they did not go 0-16 again)

49rs--27 @ Rams--6 (Rams clinch #1 pick)

Ravens--20 @ Raiders 17 (Ravens clinch)

Redskins 3 @ Chargers 31 (Redskins lay another egg as you can expect a new coaching staff and up to 30 new players maybe more)

Steelers--31 @ Dolphins--27 (Steelers pull out another one and will be up late hoping the Jets lose to get in the playoffs)

Giants--27 @ Vikings--20 (Vikings and Favre again stumbles and Giants show some pride and upset the Vikings)

Falcons--20 @ Bucs--17 (Falcons come out hard and for the 1st tine in team history 43 years they will have back to back winning seasons)

Saints--10 @ Panthers--28 (Brees is not playing and saints are in total free fall also Panthers are a much better team than most think)

Patriots 31 @ Texans 28 (Patriots do not lay down and eliminate the Texans in a hard fought game)

Eagles--27 @ Cowboys--23 (Eagles win a tight game and set themselves up for a long run, Cowboys build confidence and could win at least 1 if not 2 playoff games)

Packers--23 @ Cardinals--28 (Cardinals build momentum into the playoffs)

Titans --28 @ Seahawks--10 (Titans finish up a remarkable season finishing 8-8 after a 0-6 start)

Chiefs--10 @ Broncos--17 (Broncos close out a colossal collapse of a season by not making season after 6-0 start of the season, Pre-season picks had the Broncos going about 3-13 so this should be considered a success but it will not be, and after upper management see the lack of being able to handle players Josh McDaniel will be fired)

Sunday Night

Will it be the same old Jets? Will the Bengals say oh crap if we win the Steelers are in the playoffs? or with very cold and windy weather will the Bengals say we want to protect our players? Will the jets take the next step?

Bengals--10 @ Jets 20 (Jets grind out and run the Bengals into the ground and eliminates the Steelers in the process as this game is a preview of what will come the following week)


Crazy Canton Cuts said...

love the pix

great job

Footdude said...


Jags-Browns----Mangini may be on to something late?

Bears-Lions----1-15 Lions...

49rs-Rams--49ers are getting better

Ravens-Raiders--They should but this can be a trap game..I'd not be shocked if the Raiders win

Redskins-Chargers--)Chargers are surging

Steelers-Dolphins--Steelers do win....and they still can make the playoffs pending a possible Raven loss

Giants-Vikings--Giants win to salvage a winning season

Falcons-Bucs---See Giants

Saints-Panthers--Panthers win and Fox stays..had they gone 6-10,Fox would have been out but would have been DC of the Giants

Patriots-Texans--Texans win..but they miss the playoffs and fire Kubiak

Cowboys-Eagles--Dallas wins and gets #2 seed

Packers-Cards--They are #3

Titans-Seahawks--Titans salvage respectability

Chiefs-Broncos--8-8 is not bad.I like McDaniels

JETS Hosting the Bengals on Sunday Night----Not the same old Jets