Friday, January 15, 2010

"The Expert" Picks 2nd Round Playoffs.

Everyone knows that Giants stadium had its last game on week 17 of the NFL Jets vs Bengals
Well "Not So fast My Friend"
If The Jets defeat the Chargers and If the Ravens defeat the Colts, The AFC Championship Game will be the Ravens vs the Jets at The Stadium soon to be a memory aka Giants Stadium.

Last Week 2-2


Arizona--38 @ Saints--23 (Kurt Warner has his swagger back and the Saints finished the year with awful losses, unfortunately the Saints the season of Promise Comes to an end)

Ravens--17 @ Colts--31 (Ravens are running the ball great but they just cannot throw the ball enough to overcome the Colts offense, Peyton Manning does not play well in the Playoffs but he does enough to win this round)


Cowboys--27 @ Vikings--20 (Cowboys get over another hump and continue to march on in this unlikely run, Favre will find away to do what he does best, Throw a INT at the worst time to seal the Vikings fate)

Jets--17 @ Chargers--27 (The Jets run the ball great, That should be enough to keep the Chargers offense off the field, But even though Sanchez played a good game he is just not ready and the Jets do not have a great receiver who can make the difference, Also even though the Jets have the #1 defense in the NFL the Chargers have way to many weapons to be stopped, This is the year of the Chargers)

One Last Note..

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Footdude said...

Warner is more big game savvy.Cards win

Upset:I am going with the Ravens.They can run and play D plus I'm not sold on the Colts

Dallas wins;Favre seems tired and Dallas is playing well

The Jets will play it tough but SD is too good with too many weapons