Sunday, January 24, 2010

Favre Comment

Well once again Favre is playing great only to have a classic dumb INT that cost his team a chance to be in the Super Bowl. So the question is Will he come back, I say yes when he is shown this statistic

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All-time top 3 professional quarterback passing statistics

Updated through 2009 season

Bold denotes an active player.

Rank ↓Name ↓Tenure ↓Leagues ↓Attempts ↓Completions ↓Percentage ↓Touchdowns ↓Yardage ↓
1Damon Allen1985-2007CFL9,1385,15856.439472,381
2Warren Moon1978-2000CFL/NFL9,2055,35758.243570,553
3Brett Favre1991-PresentNFL[7]9,8116,08362.049769,329

Add 310 Yards today leaves him just 2742 yards short of Damon Allen

So you know Mister Ego will want and demand to come back and some team
will bring him in and he will break the record
and then Choke at the worst moment for the team that signs him.

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3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

another year of ESPN blathering about the Hyckocrite 24/7 = hooray