Saturday, January 9, 2010

"The Expert" (Wild Card Picks)

Sorry for late picks, Busy work, and Fighting Flu Like Illness.

JETS--17 @ BENGALS--10 (Jets defense stops Bengals and Jets Wildcat and running game along with 1 Big play by Sanchez gets Jets over the Top)

EAGLES--10 @ COWBOYS--24 (Eagles center is out and they have not scored since he was knocked out, Romo finally gets a win and Cowboys beat the demons)


RAVENS--16 @ PATRIOTS--24 (Patriots overcome loss of Welker as Ravens mistakes will cost them)

PACKERS--34 @ CARDINALS--17 (Packers are on a roll and Cards do not play well at home)


Footdude said...

Jets did what they do best.Run and defend-their specials stunk but still a win is a win

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Defense allowed too much running but I will take it, Sanchez did well, Palmer looked like the rookie