Saturday, January 23, 2010

"The Expert" Conference Championship Picks

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Santoro

Here it is, The Jets are in the AFC Championship Game, Who would've thunk it.'-Fans-

Last Week--1-3
Playoffs so far--3-5

NFC Game

Vikings--38 @ Saints--42 (This will be a wild game, Favre is going to have a almost career game but in the end Classic Favre will return, Look for the Vikings to have the lead at 38-35 and have the ball when Favre to get greedy and try for a 6th TD Pass and go over 500 Yards when he tries to force the ball and throw a pic, The Saints then drive down and score a TD with 1:43 left in the 4th Qtr. Favre then gets the ball back on their own 35 yard line when Favre then goes downfield again and gets another Pic to end it again for Favre)

AFC Game.

Jets--13 @ Colts--31 (History shows Manning is not really good in the Playoffs, The Jets have been able to disrupt QBs most of the season, The Blitz is the best way to do that, BUT Manning is one of the best to see what the defense is doing and can make adjustments at the line of scrimmage thus he is able to pick apart a blitzing defense and score quickly and often, So the Jets must be able to disguise the blitz and anything else they are doing, The Jets other problem is on the offensive side of the ball, They just cannot do the quick score like the days of the past,
If somehow the Jets can slow down the Colts and keep it within 7 points they can wear down the Colts defense and can win this game, But It is "The Expert"s Feeling that Manning will show he can do it in a big high pressure game.)

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Footdude said...

Vikings/Saints-)It will be high scoring but I think Brees has a bit more in the tank than Favre,plus I don't like the Viking D on the road

Jets/Colts-) I don't see the Colts running away with this but the NY media is underrating this fine team.Manning prepares well and will find a way to win(but bet the Jets and the points)