Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 10 Picks

Another week is here and we are 1/2 way through the season

The Pleasant Surprises are The Bills, Bengals To me the Giants (Considering the injuries)

I am not surprised by the Lions

Disappointing teams are The Chargers, Eagles, Cowboys, and the Rams

Last Week "The Expert" returned to the form on how he earned the tittle "The Expert"



>>Raiders-16 @ CHARGERS-20 (Chargers are underachieving big time and Phillip Rivers looks like a green rookie, The Raiders have looked good but Injuries have ravished the Offense)


>>Bills-20 @ COWBOYS-23 (Bills have been a positive surprise and Cowboys have been a clunker
choking games late in games, Bills had a major clunker at home last week at Home, Cowboys are still in the race for the division, Cowboys at home is the difference)

>>Jacksonville-10 @ INDIANAPOLIS-13 (Colts are just awful this year and seem to have quit, Jaguars defense has played very good, Just a hunch the Colts pull one out)

>>RAMS-20 @ Browns-16 (Browns seem to be cursed and will fall to a pretty poor team at home again sending Brown fans to think about jumping off the Veterans Memorial Bridge)

>>Titans-16 @ PANTHERS-23 (Cam Newton has played very well and will get a win this week)

>>Redskins-10 @ DOLPHINS-26 (Dolphins send Mike Shanahan to permanent retirement and the tittle as Most Overratted coach in Sports history)

>>Steelers-20 @ BENGALS-26 (Bengals shows they are for real and shock the Steelers)

>>Saints-17 @ FALCONS-23 (Saints continue their poor road play)

>>TEXANS-31 @ Bucs-17 (Bucs are getting into bad habits and the addition of Haynworth willl harm the team and Texans are proving to be a real good team and Contender)

>>Lions-13 @ BEARS 23 (Lions not having Best will hold them back)

>>RAVENS-34 @ Seahawks-19 (Ravens are up and down but will win this game to put them one up on the Steelers with the knowledge they really are 2 up with them)

>>Cardinals-10 @ EAGLES-26 (Eagles get a huge break by playing a very weak team at home, BUT if the Eagles lose this week Reid may be gone Monday morning)

>>Giants-24 @ SAN FRANCISCO 49Rs-30 (This would have been a Monday night game 20 years ago, This game is a revival of a great battle of 2 good teams, Home Field and a possible letdown by the Giants is the difference)

>>Broncos-16 @ CHIEFS-19 (Chiefs are a mystery, Looking great some weeks and a joke others, Broncos play hard but just does not have enough talent, Tebow shows signs of brilliance but he will fall just short of pulling out a late win)


>>NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS-27 @ New York Jets-16 (My eyes say the Jets should win this as they are playing brilliant defense and The Patriots defense is just awful and the offense of the Patriots seems to have crashed and burned, The Jets should win very big BUT I have been a fan of the SOJs for 45 years and I just think we will be saying once again SAME OLE JETS)


>>Vikings-20 @ PACKERS-38 (Packers are giving up lots of yards and this might be a close game for 2 1/2 Quarters but in the end The Packers will win going away)

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