Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 11 Picks

"The Expert" continues to be in classic mid-season form

Last Week 8-8
Season 96-50

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Some Notes,

The Eagles are a disater area and it appears that Michael Vick era is not working

As "The Expert" said Same Ole Jets

What is going on with the Ravens?

Are the Bills a fraud?

As "The Expert" has been saying Mike Shanahan is proving the most overrated coach in Sports History, The Redskins would be better off with Rich Kottitte

What a tough break for the Texans, Losing Matt Schaub is a huge blow, They should still win the division but forget about a long run in the playoffs

BREAKING NEWS--Aaron Rodgers is good.

Now the Picks


Jets-13 @ BRONCOS-17 (Jets played late Sunday and had to travel for a Thursday game, The Offense is stagnant and They will continue to tumble)


RAIDERS 20 @ Vikings-16 (Raiders should win this game)

Jaguars-10 @ BROWNS-16 (Browns should not blow this game)

Bucs-10 @ PACKERS-45 (Bucs are in total freefall, The Yucs are back)

Bills-13 @ DOLPHINS-24 (Dolphins are playing hard, The Bills look like they just got lucky earlier in the year)

Panthers-17 @ LIONS-20 (Battle of 2 tumbling teams but Lions should win at home to keep playoff hopes alive)

Cardinals-13 @ 49RS-24 (49rs are the real deal)

COWBOYS-24 @ Redskins-10 (Cowboys have found a running game and look like a contender, Redskins may be the among the worst ever teams in the NFL) {#FireMikeShanahan}

Seahawks-16 @ RAMS-20 (Rams should start winning now with easier schedule)

Bengals-13 @ RAVENS-24 (Bengals played hard vs Steelers and could have won Ravens might take out frustration from last week out on Bengals. Huge game for both)

Chargers-13 @ BEARS-24 (Norv Turner's days are getting short)

Titans-13 @ FALCONS-26 (Falcons should rebound and keep playoffs hopes going)


Eagles-6 @ GIANTS-31 (Eagles have set back football 20 years, Might be Andy Reids last game)


Chiefs 13 @ PATRIOTS 31 (The rumors of the Patriots death might have been slightly exaggerated

Eagles-6 @ GIANTS-31 (Eagles have set back football 20 years, Might be Andy Reids last game)

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