Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 9 Picks

Little late this week,

Last Week 9-4
Season so Far 82-33
Last Year 59-58

Wow am I good this year? No, Everyone just about have similar records , Though this is a strange season so far the teams that are supposed to win are winning on a week to week basis

Jets-16 @ BILLS-24

Broncos-10 @ RAIDERS-23

Dolphins-6 @ CHIEFS-24

Bengals-20 @ CHIEFS-26

Seahawks-13 @ COWBOYS-24

Giants-17 @ PATRIOTS-27

Browns-6 @ TEXANS-34

RAMS-23 @ Cardinals-20

49RS-27 @ Redskins-13

PACKERS-37 @ Chargers-16

FALCONS-26 @ Colts-10

Bucs-17 @ SAINTS-34

Ravens-17 @ STEELERS-23

Monday Night

Bears-20 @ EAGLES-27

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