Friday, October 28, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-World Series Game 7 Pick and Comment

If I am Nolan Ryan I would fire Ron Washington tonight, He had a chance in the 5th inning to put the game away with the bases loaded and 2 out and left in the Pitcher Colby Lewis to hit.
This is the freaking World series and you have a chance to win it today and Ron Washington plays the game like it is April 19th!

Are You kidding me?

Also the defense by both teams has to be the worst both team efforts ever, The only time I saw worst defense was the 2006 Detroit Tigers that imploded in that series.

OK saying that, The Rangers were 2 times 1 strike away from winning it Thursday night.
They will not get a chance to even think about winning a World Series in Game 7.
The Cardinals will put this game away in the Bottom of the 1st, look for Albert Pujols to hit a 3 run Home Run in the 1st in a 6 run 1st leading the Cardinals to their 11th World series Championship

Final Score ST LOUIS CARDINALS-16---Texas Rangers-3

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Uncle Mike said...

It didn't quite turn out to be 16-3, but you seem to have thought, as I did, that the Cards would finally turn around that 1985 Game 7, which they lost 11-0 after they lost their cool on the Don Denkinger goof.

I also had flashbacks to 1986, thinking, "Just like the Red Sox after Stanley & Buckner, there's no way in hell the Rangers can come back and win Game 7." At least the Red Sox took a lead into the 5th; the Rangers, as we both predicted, were never really in Game 7.

This was such a meltdown, I had to wonder if these were actually the hockey Rangers!