Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 8 Picks

Another week has gone by and the year remains to be very bizarre

Last Week 9-4

Season 73--29

Last year 54-50

Here we go, are you ready

Miami Guppies-10 @ NY GIANTS- 27 (Guppies seem to have quit, the coaching staff has quit, This team may be the worst pro team in any sport in sports history, Worst than the '1962 Mets', '1972 76rs' 1975 Washington Capitals', 1976 Bucs', '2008 Lions' and '2011 Boston Red Sox'

DETROIT LIONS-20 @ Denver Broncos-7 (Tim Tebow has never met Ndamakong Suh, if Tebow survives the 1st 3 Qtrs he will drive them to a brilliant looking late 4th Qtr TD to keep his fans hopes up).

Jacksonville Jaguars-10 @ HOUSTON TEXANS-31 (Texans have owned Jags and will continue this at home)

Washington Redskins-10 @ BUFFALO BILLS-23 (Bills gets its mojo back against the redskins who is now showing us that they are going nowhere and that they have the most overrated coach in NFL History)

Minnesota Vikings 17-@ CAROLINA PANTHERS-34 (Battle of rookie QBs Ponder showed promise but is still raw. meanwhile Cam Newton seems to be getting better and better, look for a huge game from him)

New England Patriots-23 @ PITTSBURGH STEELERS-28 (Just time for the Patriots to lose a game)

Arizona Cardinals-0 @ BALTIMORE RAVENS-56 (Look for Flacco to throw for 5 TDs [but only throw for 34 yards] Look for the Defense of the ravens to take out its frustration from Monday night on the Cards and force at least 8 Turnovers 3 will be returned for TDs and the other 5 will give the Ravens offense a 1st and goal inside the 5 yard line)

Cleveland Browns-17 @ SAN FRANSISCO-49rs- 31 (49rs continue its march to not only a playoff berth, but a divison tittle and a bye in the 1st round, possibly the best record in the NFL with is very weak schedule)

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS-27 @ St Louis Rams-10 (Rams are just too banged up to compete this year)

CINCINNATI BENGALS-27 @ Seattle Seaturkeys-16 (Well I am ignoring this warning and buying into QB Andy Dalton) (I got this message this week from Bengal fan "A Frank Angle" Warning to The Expert. Bengals are 2-5-1 under Lewis coming off a bye ... and have lost 4 in a row to the Seahawks. Pressure is on ... will The Expert follow the trend or buck it?,

Indianapolis Mares-13 @ TENNESSEE TITANS-24 (Oh just how bad are the Mares)

DALLAS COWBOYS-34 @ Philidelphia Sparrows-16 (Look for a very long day for Philly)


SAN DIEGO CHARGERS 20 @ Kansas City Chiefs 16 (Got to believe that the Chargers are

better than what they shows in the 2nd half vs the Jets


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