Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Nutball Gazette--World Series Predictions 2011

Well since "The Expert" didn't come close in his Playoff Picks he will give it another try

"The Expert" keeps going back and forth on this, He has said many times that Tony Larussa cost his team many games with his in game managing. But the Rangers continue to win with so many confusing moves by Ron Washington.

Looking at the match ups The Starting pitching for both teams have been awful but the Cards have Cris Carpenter and he should dominate at least one game. The Rangers have a edge in the bullpen.
The Rangers have more boppers (Is that a word?) in the lineup and both teams can hit the heck out of the ball. But the Cards have Albert Pujlos, The Rangers big bat Josh Hamilton is hurting a bit.

For every reason I can pick one team I can pick the other.
So "The Expert" is going to pick in the 2011 World Series is.....................................................

Cards in 6

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