Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nutty Thoughts of a Nutball

My thoughts is that there is no longer locks to win Championships,
I can see Boston, Yankees and anyone else going 5 to 50 years without winning it all,
Yes the big teams will make the playoffs most years
But I don't think players are anxious to play in the big cities,

Looks like the window for the Jets has been shut down. SOJ are back (Same Old Jets)
The NFL also proves that no one is a lock,
Green Bay looks unbeatable now But who knows down the road.
The NFL has changed drastically since the settlement and the change of rules for workouts and lack of contact during practice,

Hockey is back and we can expect teams that were among the worst last year to be solid this year and
teams that advanced far last season to go out early or not make the playoffs this year

The NBA??? YAWN, Does anyone even care about the NBA?

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Oh Great One said...

HI Larry,

I agree with you (almost completely). How can their be locks?
There just are too many variables, so many teams, and players
and coaches can move just about anywhere at any time.

In my opinion, the regular season of most sports is just an
over-hyped, too too long spectacle designed to sell products
and collect the biggest amount of money possible for some very
wealthy people (including many players who will earn more than
you and I and our neighborhoods together). In baseball, it
used to matter who was in first at the All Star break, I don't
think that matters much any more. In football, the top teams
played hard for 12 games, often with much of the same lineup,
and the top teams usually played for the championship. Now,
teams that are 8-8 can be in the playoffs and have an equal
shot to a team that is 15-1. Meanwhile teams that are 11-5 in
another division go home without ever making the playoffs. If
you stink one year, you can pick the best drafts, if you want
to, or you can trade them or sell them so that you can pick
twice as many drafts the next season or the next after that.
Meanwhile you can tank an entire season and still demand of
your fans that if they don't keep buying their tickets, the
games will be blocked out... let's penalize the little devoted
fan who can't pay for a football, hockey or basketball game
ticket. Teams don't even have consistent uniforms in sports
anymore. I can go to a Philly game wearing a brown hat, a pink
hat, one with stripes, one in Eagle green, with a red shirt, a
maroon shirt, a white shirt, even a phanatic shirt with a
scarf and orange shoes and they are all "official Philly

I think the business model which has been corrupting sports
for the past 30 years, with all the hype, all the ESPNs (I am
now growing very sick of ESPN), and even computer tweets and
other crap have almost totally masked what still are great
games. Baseball is still a great game. While I think football
needs some work, it is still a fun game to watch and play.
Basketball is death in my eyes and hopeless unless they make
major changes. Hockey, while I want to like it the way I used
to, I just can't seem to find the time to watch even two
periods of a regular season game anymore. The playoffs are
fun, but I think many they should eliminate the regular season
and just have the playoffs.

The only place I disagree with you a little is that I think
the big money cities and owners will find a way to manipulate
the circumstances and make the fans pay whatever price to
still get their championships. The Redsox might need many
years - particularly to win more than one world series, but I
doubt the Yankees will.

Hope you are well my friend.