Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 6 Picks

The Expert Had his Internet, and Cable knocked out last weekend, The Expert could not post my picks, The Expert did get them into the pool he was in, He went 8 wins and 5 losses

Last Week (8-5) The Expert missed on Tenn/Pitt, KC/Indy, Sea/Giants, Hust/Oak, and Chicago/Det (What was The Expert thinking in that one, The Expert did pick San Fran over Tampa

Season Record. 53-24
Last Year The Expert was 40-37

OK The Old Wiseass Expert is back

Philadelphia Turkeys 23 @ Washington Redskins 34, (Season is unraveling, Michael Vick is proving to be overrated)

San Francisco 26 @ Detroit Lions 20 (The Expert is buying into Jim Harbaugh and thinking the Lions cannot keep on falling behind)

Carolina Panthers 24 @ Atlanta Falcons 38 (Falcons should recover and overcome a pretty tough Panthers )

St Louis Ewes 16 @ Green Bay Packers 41 (The Ewes er I mean the Rams are contenders for the #1 pick)

Jacksonville Kitty Litter 10 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 38 (Will Jack Del Rio survive the season. Will there even be 10,000 fans at games in Jacksonville)

Indianapolis Ponies 13 @ Cincinnati Bengals 27 (Indy might have a QB situation like Green bay had several years ago)

Buffalo Bills 22 @ New York Midgets 13 (The Jints showed what we expected during training camp. Simply awful)

Houston Texans 18 @ Baltimore Ravens 34 (Texans are just overmatched)

Cleveland Brunettes 13 @ Oakland Raiders 31 (The Expert was one year ahead on the Raiders)

Dallas Cowbabies 16 @ New England Patriots 43 (The end of the Romo(n) empire in Dallas is coming soon)

New Orleans Saints 23 @ Tampa Bay Bucs 28 (Tampa rebounds and Saints do not play well on the road)

Sunday Night

Minnesota Vikings 13 @ Chicago Bears 23 (Look for ugly football)

Monday Night

Oh Joy

Miami Guppies 13 @ New York Paper Airplanes 18 (Kind of like the old days when before Brett Favre was a Packer and Tampa BAY Yucs played The Green BAY Packers, the game was known as the Bay of Pigs bowl)

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A Frank Angle said...

The Expert is putting his credibility on the line by beginning to believe in the Bengals.