Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Breaking News--Say Goodbye to the NHL

Breaking News--The National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) has agreed to hire Former MLB Baseball Players Association Executive Director Donald (Fear) Fehr to head its Association.

Fehr who some credit with leading to Baseball Peace the past 16 years but in fact lead Baseball along with Partner Bud Selig to a Work Stoppage that led to the Cancellation of the rest of the 1994 Season along with the Worl Series.

We all know that The NHL had a Lockout/Work Stoppage following the 2004 Season that lead to the cancellation of the entire season.

Donld Fehr has shown no fear to do anything he can to get his way and along with NHL Commissioner Gary (The Village Idiot) Bettman will probably lead to another Lockout/Strike, and IMHO that may destroy the NHL as we know it,
If this happens I can see anywhere from 6 to 18 teams and maybe forcing the league to as little as a 8 to 10 team league.

I can see answers to trivia questions being WT Grants, Bohack, Woolworths, Zayre's Montgomery Wards, Horn and Hardart Automats, Ramblers, Burger Chef, Chicken Delight, A & S and of course the National Hockey League.

Funeral for the NHL will be somewhere between Summer 2013 to Summer 2014


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