Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brilliant Moves By The Knicks and New York Teams

Knicks move to remain Dominant and how the other New York Teams plan on becoming dominate too.

The New York Knicks once again showed why they have been the class of the NBA the past 10 Years
In one of the best moves ever to remain a dynasty they have brought back Former Coach Isiah Thomas as a consultant, but sources tell the "Nutball Gazette" that Thomas will soon be the President of the Knicks and will be running the whole program.
New York has not stopped dancing in the streets with this news.

The "Nutball Gazette" has also learned that all the New York Teams are also planning bold moves to become the dynasties they once were, among the moves being made

NBA-New Jersey Nets will be bringing back John Calapari to be Coach/GM

NHL-New York Rangers will bring back Ranger Legend Bryan Trottier to lead the team into the coming season
NHL-not to be outdone the New York Islanders will bring back Mike Milbury as Head Coach and GM
NHL-And the New Jersey Devils will reach back to historical great coach Tom McVie as it Coach

Now you have to wonder what can top this move, Well our NFL Teams have the ultimate plan that when announced will send New York to the streets to celebrate like they have never celebrated before.
The New York Giants have reached back and signed legendary coach Ray Handley to lead them back to the mountain top.
But the New York Jets have topped them all by signing to a 10 year contract the best coach in the history of the NFL, (Yes you guessed it) The one and only Rich Kotite

Now that brings us to Baseball.
The New York Yankees have been waiting Decades to be the top dog in New York and now that Hank Steinbrenner is in charge he will be bringing back as Manager Stump Merrill
And that brings us to the New York Mets, They have announced they have signed the legendary Manager Jerry Manual to a 10 year contract. (Oh Wait, They already have him, how can we forget this manager of the New York Mets who have been the Dynasty of Baseball in the 2000's and along with the Knicks own New York Sports fan's hearts

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afrankangle said...

Dang ... Stump Merrill in a post says it all!

Could be the year for your J-E-T-S!!!