Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why the Baseball Hall Of Fame is Better than Footballs!

Well we will not argue the Sport, we will not argue the Greatness of the Players
These are legitimate arguments, We will not even argue the Pros and Cons of Cooperstown NY or Canton OH.

We will let this come down to one "Special" Award or Wing that each wing of the Hall of Fame has.

The Broadcaster wing, Baseball is called The Ford Frick Award, and Baseball's is called the Pete Rozelle award, No that is not the argument either, if it was I would give the check to the NFL

This is about who is in and in some cases who is not.

Baseball Recipients Here are well known national and not so known local legends

1978 - Mel Allen and Red Barber
1979 - Bob Elson
1980 - Russ Hodges
1981 - Ernie Harwell
1982 - Vin Scully
1983 - Jack Brickhouse
1984 - Curt Gowdy
1985 - Buck Canel
1986 - Bob Prince
1987 - Jack Buck
1988 - Lindsey Nelson
1989 - Harry Caray
1990 - By Saam
1991 - Joe Garagiola
1992 - Milo Hamilton
1993 - Chuck Thompson
1994 - Bob Murphy
1995 - Bob Wolff
1996 - Herb Carneal
1997 - Jimmy Dudley
1998 - Jaime Jarrin
1999 - Arch McDonald
2000 - Marty Brennaman
2001 - Felo Ramírez
2002 - Harry Kalas
2003 - Bob Uecker
2004 - Lon Simmons
2005 - Jerry Coleman
2006 - Gene Elston
2007 - Denny Matthews
2008 - Dave Niehaus
2009 - Tony Kubek
2010 - Jon Miller

Rozelle Award recipients--Most of these are well known National people with a few Local Legends, (Myron Cope)

1989 - Bill McPhail
1990 - Lindsey Nelson
1991 - Ed Sabol
1992 - Chris Schenkel
1993 - Curt Gowdy
1994 - Pat Summerall
1995 - Frank Gifford
1996 - Jack Buck
1997 - Charlie Jones
1998 - Val Pinchbeck
1999 - Dick Enberg
2000 - Ray Scott
2001 - Roone Arledge
2002 - John Madden
2003 - Don Criqui
2004 - Van Miller
2005 - Myron Cope
2006 - Lesley Visser
2007 - Don Meredith
2008 - Dan Dierdorf
2009 - Irv Cross

Notice 2010 is not here, More about that later and why he makes my argument a no brainer.(is that a word?)

There are a few missing on baseball but give it time, there really is not anyone not in who we would kick out,

But in 2010 the Pete Rozelle Award is going to, (Clearing Throat after gagging)
Chris F N Berman--Yes I did say Chris F N Bermen

He is well known as a Studio Host, I believe that a few Past or present studio hosts should get the Pete Rozelle Award.

Where is Brent Musburger, (NFL Today CBS). James JB Brown (FOX and CBS)
Bob Costas, (NBC) Len Berman (NBC) no relation to Chris
I would argue all 4 should be in

Or if not a Studio Host
There are other guys, most are still working
Al Michaels, Jim Nantz, Howard David (Great Radio Play by Play, Pats, Jets, Dolphins, Monday Night and still working), Bob Trumpy, Sam Rosen, Marv Albert, and last but maybe the most deserving is Tom Brookshier

But how can any hall Of Fame except the Hall of Dumbass Annoying Idiots include Chris F N Berman.

The only way Baseball can be as bad is if they Induct a guy like John Sterling, or Michael Kay, That would be just as Bad.

I leave you with This Chris Berman Classic

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