Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vin Scully is Coming Back

Great news today as Vin Scully has announced he is coming back for his
62nd season as a Dodger Broadcaster, Today there is not one person close to Vin Scully who at age
82 is just as good as he ever was, I only wish Fox would dump Buck and McCarver and let Vin do the World Series by himself, We would get better play by play and better commentary without hearing stupid useless babble that McCarver provides

The reason he is coming back??

He recalled how his parents, once retired, used to look out of the window of their home and guess what type of vehicle would drive by next. He talked about the boredom he felt during the strike in 1994.

And there was another thing.

"Now that they have Rod Barajas, that was the clincher," Scully quipped.

Barajas, a little-known catcher, is a player the Dodgers acquired off waivers on Sunday.

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