Friday, November 13, 2009

"The Expert's Picks (Week 10)

Last Week (11-2)
Season (91-39)

I did pick the
Chicago @ San Francisco (Busy week at work but got the 49rs in my pool) (Trust me), I would not lie to you, By the way do you want to buy a Used car, It is almost Perfect (Trust Me)

Now for the Rest

Sunday Day

Cincinnati--17 @ Pittsburgh--31 (Steelers on a role and I am not a true believer in Bengal Power just yet, especially in Pittsburgh)

Jacksonville--13 @ New York Jets--24 (Jets should be able to hold off Maurice Jones Drew and any type of Jaguar passing game)

Detroit--6 @ Minnesota--31 (Favre keeps it going for another week and anyway it is the Lions)

Tampa Bay--20 @ Miami--24 (Josh Freeman should help the Bucs move the ball but the Defense will not be able to handle the wildcat)

Denver--27 @ Washington--13 (Redskins will help cure the Bronco Blues)

Atlanta--24 @ Carolina--10 (The Demise of the Panthers continue)

Buffalo--10 @ Tennessee--24 (Vince Young continues to grow a little bit of confidence every week and it is about time T.O . will go off big time any day now)

New Orleans--31 @ St Louis--10 (The Saints have been struggling early but they are playing the Rams, That will cure your ills)

Kansas City--6 @ Oakland--10 (Do we have to see this game? This game should be played on Thanksgiving, What a turkey! Raiders will win, I guess, maybe, More people will be watching The TV Listings channel in KC and Oakland)

Dallas--28 @ Green Bay--13 (Green Bay offensive line looks like a team ready to quit Aaron Rogers might not survive this game and Dallas will keep it going, after all it is still November,

Seattle--16 @ Arizona--38 (Arizona at home should be able to roll)

Philadelphia--10 @ San Diego--42 (Philly seems to lost it, Very inconsistent, Chargers will win as Dallas, too early for them to choke)

Sunday Night

New England--27 @ Indianapolis--17 (Colts have been just getting by against mediocre teams, This time they are playing a Patriot team that is gaining in Confidence),

Monday Night

Baltimore--24 @ Cleveland--17 (Brady brings life to the Browns but Joe Flacco will overcome the Browns best showing of the year)

(Side Note, That is my car, Got plowed into 2 weeks ago)
Looking for a good used car very cheap.


footdude said...

Bengals/Steelers-Agree with you,the Bengals,while for real,are not the Steelers

Jags/Jets-Jets should win this one

Lions/Vikings-No argument

Bucs/Dolphins-The Mahi Mahis are decent and should finish well,if nothing else.

Broncos/Redskins-Broncos lose 3rd in a row,the Skins D is good and can hold the Broncos


Bills/Titans--The real Titans are showing up and this proud team should salvage a pretty good record.

Saints/Rams--9-0 Saints

Chiefs/Raiders--Oakland is not bad on D;they can steal a win or 2 against lousy teams

Cowboys/Packers--Dallas is maybe the second best in the NFC.Not sold about the Vikes yet.


Eagles/Chargers--Chargers always get better as the year goes on

Patriots/Colts--Maybe-am not sold on NE 100%

Ravens/Browns--Good night,Eric.

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

great pix dude

seeing how Ford builds their cars, no wonder they needed a bailout

hoping footdude is right = my Skins need a win like a fish needs water

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Actually I cannot complan about the car, I was not hurt at all, The car took all the shock, I got hit Standing still by a Small SUV ging about 25 to 30 MPH.

UConnia said...

Just saw your comments on my blog. Thanks for the insight. I'm sure there are plenty of Philly fans just as bad, I was just commenting on what hit me right away. The Jets are playing about as ugly as those New York Titans uniforms of theirs!