Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rambling thoughts of a Nutball (World Series and Other Stuff.

The New York Yankees won the 2009 World Series Thus Closing out the 00's Decade!
So now who is the team of the Decade, There are 2 Contenders who won 2 Tittles each
The New York Yankees (2000, 2009)
The Boston Red Sox (2004,2007)
That is it, Not even 1 other team that deserves a Bronze Medal
So who wins it?

Red Sox 2 WS Champs --Yankees 2 WS Champs EVEN
Red Sox in 4 ALCS---Yankees in 5 ALCS Advantage Yankees 1 Point Yankees
Red Sox in Playoffs 6 times---Yankees in Playoffs 9 times Advantage Yankees 2 Points Yankees
Red Sox vs Yankees in Playoffs 1-1 But Big edge to Red Sox for 2004. 2 Points Red Sox
Red Sox 1 Division Tittle--Yankees 8 Division Tittle Advantage Yankees 4 Points

Points are my Award.. Yankees 7 to 2 Edge, Give the Red Sox 4.5 Points for Comeback.

Final Score Yankees 7 Red Sox 6.5

Yankees Win!!!! Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees Win!!

Other World Series Notes--

I missed my pick by 1 game, I had the Yankees in 7

The Phillies

What a series for Chase Utley of the Phillies and a GREAT effort for Cliff Lee

What a horrible series at bat for Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels imploded and Brad Lidge continued his meltdown at the worst times as he had all of 2009

For the Yankees,

The Bad, Phil Hughes,

Jorge Posada struggled but got a couple of big hits

Mark Texiera had a rough time but got a Couple of Huge Hits and was a Game saver in the field

A J Burnett Game 5

The Good

AJ Burnett Game 2

Andy Pettite fought his way through both games

CC Was just OK but was so gritty and found a way to win Game 4

Derek Jeter shows why he is the Captain, Just puts out terrific efforts all the time

Johny Damon made the play of the series (Maybe one of the Top 10 WS Plays of all time)
With the stealing of 2nd base and seeing no one at 3rd base and taking that base too
That changed the way Brad Lidge pitched and after hitting Mark Texiera A-Rod got one of several Big Hits throughout the Playoffs

Hideki Matsui in Limited play had Huge hits that changed the games in Game 2,3 and 6.
He is a deserving MVP

Mariano Rivera had maybe his best Postseason in his career at age 39 (Close to 40)


What has happened to the Giants?
T.O is back with the Cowboys in the body of Roy Williams, But the difference is Williams sucks and does not give an effort that T.O would give

The Paper Airplanes Play well on Offense and defense but has one of the worst Special Team days in NFL History

The Lions continue to show how bad they are.

The Rams found a way to win and In the long run Hiring Steve Spagnuolo will prove to be a great move

The Raider are a mess with a coach who is being investigated as a Abuser of Woman.
How can the NFL allow this guy to continue to coach with this cloud over him. (The Players Union will use this as another example that Management can cheat and break the law and continue to operate "Business as Usual" But if a Player goes 35.1 MPH in a 35MPH Speed zone he will be gone for 8 games

Then there is the Cleveland Browns, Has to be the most inept Management in Sports History
They make Senile Al Davis, Daniel Snyder, and Donald Stirling (LA Clippers) look like


Anonymous said...

Nutball .... Congrats to your Yankees!

footdude said...

Bronze medal for the 00's St.Louis or the Phillies

Team of the decade (Yankees/Red Sox)
2 excellent teams

Lidge may need a change of scenery.I still like Hamels

Hughes-He had a rough playoffs but was a big reason they got there.Can he start is the question-I think he can and Joba in the pen

A J.- He was good for the most part but can have a stinker or 2

Jeter smelled that ring.Great in the clutch and his range got better

Does Damon stay?I say maybe

Matsui--He stays-a 2 year deal?

Mariano--He has no slowdown but you do need to groom Joba for the role just in case

Giants--They played the bigboys.The defense is not adjusting to the new coordinator plus their secondary misses Ross and Phillips

Dallas--Dallas is a 9-11 win team.Enough for the playoffs?

Jets--8-10 wins

Rams-- But no defense and Bulger looks shot

Browns--Mangini can't run a lemonade stand.How he got the Cleveland gig is beyond me.Why not Marty Schottenheimer or Kirk Ferentz(Iowa)?