Thursday, October 29, 2009

"The Expert's" Picks (Week 8)

Last Week--(7-6) Ugggh

Broncos--23 at Ravens--27 (Time for reality to catch up to the Broncos)

Texans--24 at Bills---6 (Texans better than many think, Bills are worst than some think)

Browns--6 at Bears--23 (Cleveland woes continue)

Seahawks--10 at Cowboys--27 (Cowboys will look good for at least this week)

Rams--3 at Lions--6 (Someone has to win, Why not the Lions)

49rs--13 at Colts--31 (Colts will roll at home)

Mahi Mahi's (Dolphins)--13 at Paper Airplanes (Jets)--24 (Dolphins were exposed last week)

Giants--20 at Eagles--13 (The 1st half of a long bad day for Philly vs New York)

Raiders--3 at Chargers--30 (Raiders make most teams "Except for those losers in Philly" look great

Jaguars--13 at Titans 24 (Vince Young along with a Up and Down Jag teams make the Titans look like the team we expected)

Panthers--10 at Cardinals--27 (Jake Delhomme Continues his "Great" play and shows that John Fox is the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer)

Vikings--23 at Packers--31 (Aaron Rogers shows that The Packers made the right decision for the long run)

Monday Night

Falcons--17 at Saints--24 (Saints keep it going for one more week)


footdude said...

I agree;Baltimore is good and Denver is due for a stinker

Texans can break through this year

Why does Mr.Fun (Womangini)still have a job?

Cowboys may win 10;playoffs are a ?

)Another couple ofyears and the Lions might be pretty good.They have a decent offense.

49ers are up and down

Jets win.The Dolphins are actually better than 2-4 but undermanned

Giants bounce back

Chargers start the usual 2nd half surge

Titans are a proud lot and may salvage a decent record;Young has to be the QB

Too bad,Fox is a fine coach but this isn't their year

Farve is showing signs of age;the Packers will win

Will they ever lose this year?Maybe vs.New England...

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

love the pix

many are like mine

you are correct that the Pack made the right decision

"Nutball Gazette" said...

It looks too easy this week, I will probably get 3 right this week