Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rambling Thoughts of a Nutball

Here we go

1st Predictions for Baseball League Championship series.

NLCS-Phillies over Dodgers in 6

Just feel that the Phillies have a little too much for the Dodgers, But if this becomes a battle of the Late inning Bullpens the edge goes to the Dodgers, The difference in this series will be Cliff Lee and Ryan Howards big bat, I truly think Manny Ramirez will fail when needed

ALCS-Yankees in 7

Maybe I am viewing this through Yankee Colored Glasses.
The Angels have the Heart of a team of Destiny, They are playing inspired ball.
The Starting Pitching first 3 starters edge goes slightly to the Yankees, If it gets to a 4th Starter Kazmir gives the Angels an edge there, The Bullpen edge is to the Yankees, The Angels bullpen is not what it once was.
The infield edge goes to the Yankees, with the addition of Mark Texeria and with Robinson Cano's Maturity along with Derek Jeter playing like it is 1999 and Alex Rodriguez finnaly playing up to his potential makes this a pretty big Yankee advantage
The OutField advantage edge goes to the Angels, The Angels having Tori Hunter along with Jaun Rivera and Former Yankee Bobby Abreu, over a Mediocre Johny Damon a Smart but not smooth Nick Swisher and a Very Good Melky Cabrerra
The DH is pretty equal with a very good hitting Hideki Matsui, and a very Dangerous Vladimir Guerrero (Both are aging and show it at times)
The Bench edge goes to the Yankees,
When it comes down to it the Yankees just seem to have a little too much and win a Classic 7 game series.

Now the NFL,
The Colts, Giants, Saints, and Vikings along with the very surprising Denver Broncos are on top of the NFL, The Miami Dolphins seem to be a much better team with Chad Henne at QB, (Could this be a Tom Brady like replacement?)
The Jets Defense was embarrassed by the Dolphins, The Patriots failed at crunch time once again. They still may win the division but they have taken a step backwards, The Time of the Patriots as the NFL elite may be over.
The Ravens defence is not what it was, and The Steelers seem to be suffering from the Super Bowl Hangover, But I still think they can recover.
The Chargers are not "Who We Thought They Were"
But the Broncos might be the biggest surprise of the Year,
In the NFC The Giants, Saints appears to be headed to playing a 2nd game after this Sunday in the NFC Championship Game,
I still think by the end of the Year Brett Favre will get hammered and Bruised and will not be able to carry the Vikings to the promised land, The Cowboys are a mediocre team at best.
Now for the Worst, Has there ever been so many bad teams as there is right now,
The Bills, Browns, and Lions all have 1 win and will be lucky to win 3 games this year.
The Titans is 0-5 but I still think they can win 5 or 6 games but they are a huge disappointment
The Redskins have 2 wins but they are among the Worst Teams of the past decade
I believe we may have 10 teams this year that may have lost to last years Lions or the 1976 Tampa Bay Bucs or those Great New Orleans "Aint's" teams
The other bad-bad-bad teams, The Raiders who will be lucky to win another game thsi year and may have the #1 draft pick every year for the foreseeable future.
The Redskins are the Raiders East with Dan Snyder as the owner.
The Tampa Bay Yucs are back to the days of 10+ losses for years to come
The Rams?? Well they will have a new Owner so there is hope they may have something to cheer about in Rams country, The question is, Who moves to L A first, The rams or the Jaguars?
And then there is the Chiefs, Once a proud team along with the raiders of the Old AFL has become a forgettable franchise

Well that is it for this rambling mind for this week.

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