Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"The Expert's" Picks (Week 7)

Another week and many more people having to file for bankruptcy for betting "The Expert"s picks

Last week--10-4

Patriots 35-at-Yucs 3 (Yucs continue to strive for the Perfect Season)

Colts 38-at-Yams 6 (Yams try to out lose Yucs in epic battle to have the worst record in the NFL)

Vikings 21-at-Steelers 23 (The slow beginning of the end to Favre)

Chargers 16-at-Chiefs 17 (The demise of Norv Turner is coming soon) (Corrected)

49rs 10-at-Texans 17 ((Just a gut feeling)

Packers 24-at-Browns 3 ({Wo}Mangini continues to show his brilliance as a Coach)

Paper Airplanes 6-at-Raiders 13 (Paper airplanes can never win in Oakland)

Bills 7-at-Panthers 13 (Another Epic game of NFL Powers)

Bears 20-at-Bengals 17 (Bengals seem to be reverting to expectation levels)

Saints 24-at-Dolphins 23 (Brees pulls out game late in a thriller)

Falcons 28-at-Cowgirls 13 (Say goodbye to Phillips and Jason Garrett)

Sunday Night

Cardinals 10-at-Giants 27 (Giants get back on track)

Monday Night

Eagles 21-at-Redskins 13 (Last game for Zorn and Jason Campbell)


LestersLegends said...

Nice job in a tough week.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Last week was a tough one, I got lucky

The Mad Chemist said...

Gees Larry apparently your paper airplane guys really got you confused or
your missing your medication

footdude said...

The Chargers should beat KC.

Footdude said...

Patriots/Yucs-An easy one for the cheaters
Colts/Rams--Colts are the best in a weaker than expected AFC.This year,the NFC is the better of the 2
Packers/Browns--He should have never gotten the Browns gig
Saints/Dolphins--Saints lose their first.Miami is the real deal

Anonymous said...

Although I hope I'm wrong, thus you miss the pick, this Cincinnati fan says going with the Bears this week is a good pick. Good luck.