Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"The Expert"s Picks (Week 5)

Week 5 Picks and Comments

Last Week 10-4
Season 44-18

This is the week we see what some teams are made of,
Is Cincinnati, Denver, The Jets, and 49rs good?
and Are the Titans, Dolphins, Panthers and Cards going to be huge disappointments.

Cincinnati 23---Ravens 24 (Still do not believe in the Bengals, Ravens want to get back on track)

Browns 10--Bills 28 (T.O. has a huge game against the Very very bad Browns, The Mangini watch is ticking)

Redskins 10---Panthers 13 (Panthers get their first win in this version of the "Toilet Bowl"

Steelers 27--Lions 16 (Sorry Lion Fans, You still have a ways to go, Steelers want to start a winning streak)

Cowboys 27---Chiefs 6 (Chiefs just the medicine Romo and Company needs)

Raiders 3--Giants 43 (Carr Starts and Gets 5 TD Passes and 437 Yards then Raiders Trade 5 # 1 Draft picks to Giants for Carr)

Yucs 0--Eagles 34 (McNabb Gets 3 TD Passes then Vick comes in and leads them to a 85 Yard drive ending in a 18 Yard TD Pass)

Vikings 35--Rams 3 (Favre gets 300 Yards 3 TD, Peterson 160 Yards 2 TDs, But Favre gets roughed up late but it won't show till about week 11)

Falcons 21--49rs 17 (49rs play tough but Falcons just has a little too much)

Texans 20---Cards 24 (Cards pull out a win in an ugly game)

Patriots 24--Broncos 13 (Teacher (Belichick) shows Student (McDaniels) that He still knows best, Broncos begin their Crash to Earth this week)

Jaguars 17--Seahawks 23 (Ugly game by 2 very mediocre teams, (Call this the Take a Nap Bowl)

Sunday Night

Colts 38--Titans 17 (It just gets worst for the Titans, Vince Young takes over as QB in the 3rd Qtr and throws 2 TD Passes)

Monday Night

Jets 24--Dolphins 13 (Wildcat works a couple of times but Defense of the Jets will frustrate Henne and The 35,000 Dolphin fans among the 70,000 fans in Jets Stadium South) Braylon Edwards makes a 54 Yard TD Reception in his first catch.


Anonymous said...

Bengals losing by 1 means they were in the game at a place they typically struggle. You must be trying to give us hope!

Lester's Legends said...

Love the line about trading for Carr.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

The Bengals just might be as good as we thought last year, (Might Be)

An Old Friend said...

Comically great picks!!!!! I mean I really love the humor. Thanks! P.S. I would trade David Carr for the packing space at the next Macy's day sale (doesn't have to be near the store) and a pack of Lucky's. M. Vick is either going to be the next Eagle QB, ha, ha, ha, or back in Georgia with the Bulldogs, next year.

Anonymous said...

Oh believe me ... We in Cincinnati realize the meaning of "might be" ... heck, we're well versed in it along strong finishes to get your hopes up for the following year's flop.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Old Friend--Did you pick the Mahi-Mahi's
I am shocked.