Thursday, October 15, 2009

"The Expert's" Picks Week 6

Last week 10-4 (Season 54-22)

Alot of tough games, and a Preview of a Conference Championship Games

Texans 13 at Bengals 31 (Bengals look to for real)

Lions 17 at Packers 23 (Lions give a good fight, but no win in Green Bay)

Ravens 23 at Vikings 31 (Favre puts up big numbers but he gets hit alot in this game and becomes to feel the bruises as the season goes on)

Giants 27 at Saints 31 (Saints win an epic battle of great QBs, Preview of the NFC Championship game but that result will be different)

Browns 6 at Steelers 38 (Steelers struggles end against the Brown and

Panthers 13 at Yucs 6 (Yucs struggles just get worst)

Chiefs 10 at Redskins 13 (Someone has to win, I think. Zorn stays safe for at least one more week)

Rams 10 at Jaguars 23 (The Jekyll and Hyde Jaguars season continues as the Jags continue the Rams struggles)

Cardinals 27 at Seahawks 14 (Seahawks big win a mirage, back to reality this week)

Eagles 38 at Raiders 6 (Raiders continues to sink into oblivion)

Titans 16 at Patriots 23 ( Patriots hold off Titan rally led by new QB Vince young who comes in the game in the 3rd Qtr.)

Bills 10 at Jets 28 (T.O. catches one ball for a 65 yard TD but that is the highlight for the Buffalo (Pennies) and Sanchez gets back on track)

Sunday Night

Bears 23 at Falcons 27 (Classic Sunday night battle between Two very exiting teams and Two very good QBs)

Monday Night

Broncos 24 at Chargers 10 (Broncos magic continues and Chargers season continues to spiral down)


LestersLegends said...

I think we're pretty much on the same page except Giants-Saints

Footdude said...

I have to differ re San Diego.I think the Chargers make the usual late season push and the Broncos hit the speed bump(San Diego pretty much owns Denver at home)

Rad said...

Hey Nutball, I love the tidbits you add to your picks, great work man.

Me and the munchkin think the Bengals come back to earth and lose a tough one to the Texans and the Saints offense gets beat up by Big Blue.

Nice work as always man