Monday, October 19, 2009

Rambling Thoughts Of A Nutball (October 19)


The Dodgers seem to be outclassed, The Phillies should be able to pound the Dodgers into submission, as long as it does not come down to the bullpens.

The Angels have been getting decent Starting pitching but Brain Fuentes one bad pitch to A-Rod is crushing, Also The Yankees have taken advantage of every Angel mistake, while the Angels let the Yankees of the hook when Cano and Jeter made bad errors, The only time the Angels did anything was against A J Burnett by scoring on a wild pitch but they had a chance to bury the Yankees in that inning and several others in Game 2, Vladimir Guerrero is killing the Angels with just awful at bats, It reminds me of what the At Bats Alphonse Soriano did in the 2003 World Series when all you had to do was throw a ball within 200 feet of home plate and Soriano would swing, The Angels should consider either benching him or moving him down to 7th or 8th in the lineup,
Saying that the Yankees need to start hitting more, They cannot keep on counting on having 5 or 6 Guys coming out of the bullpen and stopping the Angels,


We are witnessing some of the worst teams in NFL history this year.

Ranking the worst (BTW these may be the worst team in team sports history)

1-----Washington Redskins (They play winless teams every week and only has 2 wins)
2-----Tampa Bay Yucs (They may have lost to the Redskins but they still are a little better_
3-----Tennessee Titans
4-----St Louis Rams
5-----KC Chiefs
6-----New York Paper Airplanes
6 tie--Oakland Raiders

The New York Paper Airplanes are back to the Glory Days led by Mark (Bubby Brister) Sanchez
The play calling was awful the Offensive line is just offensive, and the team is very undisciplined.
Do not be surprised if it gets worst this weekend vs the Raiders

The Giants just laid an egg, Maybe they are not as good as we thought they were.

Just as we thought the Bengals might be an elite team they lay an egg

Well so much for the Lions improving

How about that "GREAT" Raven Defense

I know the Redskins beat Tampa but to me the Redskins are the worst team in team sports history,

While Philadelphia is happy about the Phillies the Eagles are very inconsistent and is capable to lose to anyone

This just in Tom Brady is pretty good, But which Patriots team is going to show up any given week

And finally the Jacksonville Jaguars sent all 17 of the fans in attendance home happy.
One has to wonder if the NFL will not move the Jags during the season


Wow, Those Islanders and Maple Leafs are great teams aren't they?


"Nutball Gazette" said...

I am pleased to see that Kevin Blackistone Agrees with me

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Again the yankees do not hit with RISP and the Managing??? of Tony LaLoser Jr proved to be fatal tonight.

footdude said...

Don't count LA out yet

Dodgers---True but the Yankees have better relief and are loaded on offense

Redskins--Getting rid off an overmatched Zorn would help

Titans--This I am amazed at;they just looked horrible on offense and defense.Collins just lost it and the defense misses Haynesworth

Bengals Elite?--More that the Saints are an elite team

Ravens---Yeah,what happened?

Redskins--They are actually pretty good with the D and running game-Campbell looks lost.

Eagles--I was never sold on them

Patriots--They'll be fine

NHL-(Islanders)--Kansas City here we come