Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rambling thoughts of a Nutball (Quickie Edition)


Yankees vs Phiilies World Series,

Going with my Heart (Yankees in 7)
But for the Yankees to win they must hit better with RISP. and get better bullpen play out of Joba and Hughes.
And if Girardi puts Matsui (as Rumored) in the field he should be fired on the spot.
Phillies need Pedro and Cole Hammels to come through.
The other key is not to make dumb mistakes, That cost the Angels and Twins vs the Yankees.


Even though they have 2 wins each, Are there 2 worst teams along with the Yucs, and Rams worst in Sports History than the Redskins and Raiders.
This may be the worst year in Sports history to have so many very bad teams,
I think that last years Lions and the 1976 Bucs can beat this team, and for the 176 Bucs to beat these teams is pretty amazing figuring most of those guys are about 76 Years old now.
As far as the Good, Who Dat Saints, (Some Comeback against the Mahi-Mahi's)
The Colts always looks good this time of year.
And do not forget the Patriots, They just keep on going and going. I still think it will be a Steeler/Patriot AFC Championship game, with the winner easily wining the Super Bowl


The Celtics are old and has problems with guys like Baby Davis and Rondo who seems to go off the program and I do not know if Garnett and Ray Allen can stay healthy for the entire season
The Cavs are relying on a aged Shaq O.Niell to help Labron James, and the Magic have messed with the Chemistry. IF the Magic personal changes work (Vince Carter) and losing Guys like Courtney Lee and Rafer Alston and the additions to replace them they can come out of the East, But I think it will backfire and it will be a difficult season for D-12 (Dwight Howard)
Someone has to come out of the East, I say it will be the Cavs.

The West has the Lakers and Spurs, The Spurs are old but very deep. The Lakers have proven themselves but they lost Trevor Ariza who does so many little things, But if Ron Artest is focused and the Lakers stay healthy they are the team to beat.

My Pick is Kobe Bryant gets the ultimate satisfaction and The Lakers win over the Cleveland Cavaliers (With Shaq and Labron) in 6 games.


3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

hope the WS goes 7 for the drama

the NFL is rolling off to a boring start, but this is the game the rules have created

rather it be a mans game again

the NBA? can't get excited over an overtly fixed sport

but guess your prediction seems right because the league is struggling and needs cash bad

that scenario makes the most bank

great job

footdude said...

Yankees in 7.They do not lose at the Stadium and the Phillies,for some reason,do not seem to want to pitch Happ.Pedro is experienced but may not pitch too deep against an AL team.

The Redskins are ok on defense,lousy on offense.The Colts are the class of the AFC.I cannot see Denver keeping this up;that said,I like McDaniels as a coach.I hear he's a tough SOB,but I think the team needed a new voice.The Pats can never be counted out.In the NFC,the Saints are the best and everyone else seems a distant second-even the Giants do not appear to be as good as the record.

The East has the Magic,too.They are good but I'm not sure how Carter fits in chemistry-wise.The Cavs will be good but the Celtics are deeper and will be the last team standing.The West is loaded:Spurs,Lakers,Nuggets,Blazers to name 4.The Hornets were exposed badly in the playoffs and might fall,but they still have talent and can still win about 45-50.I also like the Rockets but they have to stay healthy.