Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rambling Thoughts Of A Nutball


Looking at a Twins win Today as the Tigers Complete a Choke Job not seen since the 64 Phillies
If the Twins win I would have Correctly Predicted all 4 AL Playoff teams and 2 of the 4 NL Teams.
I missed badly on the Reds. and missed the Cubs. I did say watch out for the Cards but I still missed them having a solid season. I also did not expect the Yankees to do as well as they did.

Here is the link to my Post in April

1st Round I am picking the
Yankees over the Twins/Tigers winner in 4
Angels to Finally figure out the Red Sox in 4 (Red Sox pitching is off and the Angels will run Veretek into Retirement)

Rockies to stun the Phillies in 5
Cards to beat the Dodgers in 4


I was a medicore 10-4 this past week

>Mark Sanchez sure looked like a rookie for the Jets but I still am encourged by the Defense
>I am stunned on how bad the Titans are playing. I expect Vince Young to be starting very soon
>Rumors of the Patriots demise are greatly exaregerated, But Ravens are still real good
>Browns blow maybe one of only 2 or 3 chances to win a game in Eric Manginis last year as a head coach in the NFL
>The Yucs are really bad, I look for a couple of 12+ loss seasons and total disintrest in Tampa Bay football in Tampa just like it was from the early 80s till late 90s. At Lesat Tampa has the Gators and now USF Bulls to root for,
>The Rams?? Are they still in the NFL?
>It is going to be a long season in Dallas, Maybe Jerry Jones will dump The Coaching staff and get a real football man to run the team, This is the only way they ever will return to prominance in the NFL.
>What is going on in Denver? They just might be alot better this year than anyone thought, Though not next week vs the Patriots (Just a side note on Former Patriot Ast Coach McDaniel, He is sucseeding in his 1st year, But so did so did the worst coach in NFL History Eric Mangini)
{Yes Mangini is worst than Rich Kotite}
>San Diego looks like the biggest disappointment of the season in Norv Turners last season ever as a NFL Head Coach.
>Finally Brett Favre. Truly amazing. But I still do not think he can keep it going all season, He is 40 years old (on Oct 10th)


An Old Friend said...

Like your baseball picks. Hope the Angels beat the RSox, but they do not play them well in the post season. PLEASE don't mention the Kotite word. It brings back very bad memories..... it was the final straw for me. I really tried NOT to pay any attention to the Jets until Parcells came and turned things around in one year. Now I feel better about them, but feeling good about the Jets is also makes me worry - it's only a matter of time til the wheels fall off again. Other than the Namath era, they have got to be one of the most disappointing NY teams ever.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Being a Jet fan is like Like being an Indian Fan, It always amazed me they fired Carroll who last his last 5 games and relaced him with Kottite who lost 7 in a row, (The Jets never recoverd from the Curse of Lou Holtz)
I stick with the Jets, I just love them But Hey I like a Dentist drilling my teeth without Novacaine too.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

BTW I was one of those fools that had the Tigers in Last Place.
Now you see another reason that is why I am called "The Expert"

Rad said...

Hey Nutball,

I would have killed for 10-4 last week, I went 6-8.

I'm torn on Angels/Red Sox. As a Yankee fan I would love to go through Boston to get to the Series (not counting out the Twins but I do expect the Yanks to win), but I think either matchup would be tough for the Yanks as both teams present different challenges. The Sox pitching is insane even with the bullpen troubles and that Angels offense is relentless.

What do you think of the Jets bringing in Braylon Edwards?? I thought it was a good move even though I liked the way Stuckey was developing.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Rad, If I was a Red Sox Fan I would have big concerns about the starting pitching. Beckett has been only OK and Bulholz has been shaky
Lester has been solid and Dice-K has looked good since he has been back but He seems to break down and if continues to walk alot of batters anyone will run the Sox out of the building, Saying that The Sox are hitting the tar out of the ball.
The Angels are so tough for the Yankees.
But the Yankees nned to get by a gutsy Twins team.

The Jets trade for Edwards is a gamble but I like it, Randy Moss responded well to Belechek I think Edwards will respond to Ryan