Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"The Expert"s Picks Week 12

Had a little improvement this week.

Last Week--10-6
Season 109-52

First a few Comments,

Rex Ryan--"Shut Your Yap" you complain about the Patriots rubbing it in, but you and the players are Trash Talking about every team you play, I do not mind being cocky and trash Talking but You need to win those games and back up your Yapping

Oh Bill Belichick Great job keeping in your starters in a game that was over, You are asking for season ending injuries for your players, If Brady or Moss gets hurt on that last play you would deserve to have your butt fired

Eric Womangini. You are sounding like a hysterical out of control dumb blonde, Get out of Head Coaching and start the only job you are qualified for (Coaching a team with Tecmo Bowl on the original NES Game system)

Hey Bengals, Great job acting like the Jets of old by beating tough teams then losing to th Bottom teams of the NFL. No wonder you have never won a Super Bowl.

Now the Picks


Green Bay--27 @ Detroit--10 (Lions scored a seasons worth of points in the last game, With Stafford out they have no shot) {Unless they play the Bengals, Broncos or Jets}

Oakland--17 @ Dallas--20 (Cowboys win but continue to struggle, Raiders start impressing a little more but comes up short)

New York Giants--41 @ Denver--27 (Broncos continue getting routed, but do score alot against an awful Giant Defense)


Miami--20 @ Buffalo--10 (Miami wins easier than the score indicates)

Seattle--17 @ St Louis--20 (Rams eeks out a win)

Indianapolis--17 @ Houston--20 (Indy luck runs out, Texans blew chance to be in the drivers seat for playoffs but continues to tease their fans with this win)

Cleveland--21 @ Cincinnati--34 (Brady Quinn puts points up but Brown defense will let up 30+ again)

Carolina--16 @ New York Jets--24 (Sanchez shows a little life along with Jet Running game)

Tampa Bay--13 @ Atlanta--31 (Falcons regains its swagger, Bucs and Josh Freeman impresses in spurts but makes too many mistakes)

Washington--10 @ Philadelphia--13 (Another Bore Bowl)

Kansas City--16 @ San Diego--27 (No way Chiefs steal another one)

Jacksonville--6 @ San Francisco--24 (Jags are on a roll and 49rs cannot do anything right, But Jags find a way to blow it)

Chicago--6 @ Minnesota--31 (Bears are awful and Vikings are playing like the best team in the NFL "For Now")

Arizona--17 @ Tennessee--23 (Something has to give, Titans winning streak or Cards winning on the road every game. I say Titans may be the team we thought they were going to be in 2008 with Vince Young, Titans may win out and finish 10-6 and make the playoffs if they can get by Indy)

Sunday Night

Pittsburgh--13 @ Baltimore-16 (Ravens are reeling but so are the Steelers with the injuries)

Monday Night aka (The Showdown)

Patriots--38 @ New Orleans--31 (Then their was none, No undefeated teams after today and Patriots show what they are made of by winning this shootout)


"Nutball Gazette" said...
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Lester's Legends said...

I hope you're right about the Pats.

Bill is playing with fire, I agree.

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

great selections

my Skins might stink on O, but we got a pretty good D

too bad we can't create turnovers, or there might be another few wins

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

oh, btw

Happy Thanksgiving