Thursday, November 19, 2009

"The Expert"s" Picks Week 11

A Banner week for "The Expert" I have showed the world that I am the one and only true "Expert".

Last Week--(8--7)

Thursday Night

Miami--10 @ Carolina--17 (Ronnie Brown Injury is a crippling blow to the Dolphins scoring ability)


Indianapolis--27 @ Baltimore--13 (Colts have had to scrape for wins, Normally I would pick the Ravens but the Ravens are not the same team, The Offense looks lost and defense is just not the same)

Washington--6 @ Cowboys--23 (Cowboys get a huge break by playing the Redskins)

Cleveland--2 @ Detroit--3 in OT (Lions win on a rouge in OT)

San Francisco--17 @ Green Bay--23 (Packers build on the Cowboy Game win)

Buffalo--10 @ Jacksonville--27 (Maurice Jones Drew will not pull up at the Goal Line this week)

Pittsburgh--27 @ Chiefs--3 (Steelers can be missing the entire defense and the Chiefs would still not score enough to be competitive)

Seattle--10 @ Minnesota--31 (Vikings continue to roll, Adrian Peterson has a huge game and Favre continues to play efficient ball for at least one more week)

Atlanta--27 @ New York Giants--20 (Giants Defense continues to get torched and still not enough offense to give the Giants a much need win)

New Orleans--23 @ Tampa Bay--20 (Josh Freeman keeps the Bucs in the game but Drew Brees finds a way to win late)

Arizona--17 @ St. Louis--20 (Rams have been hanging in games as of late, Cards struggles on the road continue)

San Diego--24 @ Denver--10 (Broncos are in free fall)

New York Jets--10 @ Patriots--35 (Patriots take it out on the free falling Paper Airplanes)

Cincinnati--24 @ Oakland--10 (Change in QB for the raiders pays off with a Touchdown drive, Bengals just might be for real, But this game proves nothing)

Sunday Night

Philadelphia--20 @ Chicago--17 (Someone has to win, Eagles are hurting, Bears and Cutler just cannot get it done)

Monday Night

Tennessee--20 @ Houston--24 (Texans gets noticed in the country in franchise history--Wait till next week when the Country says WOW)


Oh, Great One said...

Dear Mr. EXPERT.

Alright, alright.. I have 98 wins, Mr. Expert, sir. You are ahead. Let's go at it this weekend.

Agree with many but here are the differences:
1. Baltimore will beat Indy, surprise! I know this is a borderline bad pick but I think some of the Colts luck has got to run out.
2. SF over the Pack. Rodgers can't be good enough two weeks in a row and they have probably not slept much since the win over Dallas. Cheese may also take a toll, backing up GB.
3. Giants beat Atlanta. A HUGE surprise given the home-field disadvantage of Giant/Jets Stadium. (Fans are wealthy but have no passion and are old and cold). Defense wins the game as sophomore jinx continues. Ugly game. Hixon runs the ball back for a minus 35 yards on 8 tries. Ely with 2 picks. 26 penalties.
4. Cards crush the Ramrods, 41-40. Several fans die from thinking the Vermeil Rams are still alive.

Footdude said...

Panthers have a small chance at the playoffs;they are surging now

The Colts have to lose 1.This may be it

Redskins are not bad,but Dallas should win

Browns/Lions--They BOTH cannot lose?


Jags are Jeckyll and Hyde-they can win 51-0 or lose

Steelers in a rout

Vikings in a rout

Giants beat an overrated team (Falcons)

Bucs are not too bad,either but they ain't beating the Saints

Cards in a close one

Chragers in a pretty easy win

Jets/Pats-This can be ugly

Bengals can lose this one,too

Cutler is just not a winning QB

Texans may do it this year.

Anonymous said...


Rad said...

Nice picks Nutball, I think the Giants pull it together to beat Atlanta and I love your blowout prediction for Dallas. Let's keep the good times rolling!!

"Nutball Gazette" said...

I am still not convinced about the Cowboys. Romo may be just like A-Rod
Always choking in the clutch, A-Rod will never be on a winning team or come through in the clutch...Oh Wait!!

Rad said...

I'm hoping Romo loses the Captain Choke moniker in the same way A Rod did this year, with a championship baby!!!

I'm not convinced either, until they come to their senses and pound teams into submission with that mammoth O-line instead of trying to be all pretty with this suspect passing game they will not be a consistent team. They are getting better though.

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

I HOPE my Skins can put up more than 6

especially after beating Denver

like your picks though