Thursday, November 5, 2009

"The Expert's" Picks (Week 9)

Last week (8-5) Thanks alot Paper Airplanes and Midgets)
Season (79-37)

Miracle Week (Only week that you will see the Jets, Browns, Raiders, Rams,and Bills not lose AMAZING)
And Favre won't beat anybody this week

Some very Tough Games this week

>>Washington 10 @ Falcons 35 (Washington Continues its decent to oblivion in Jim Zorns last game)

>>Cardinals 24 @ Bears 20 (I don't know, I think Warner will bounce back)

>>Ravens 23 @ Bengals 24 (Bengals show they are for real??? Maybe??)

>>Texans 20 @ Colts 27 (Texans playing much better This could be a upset But I do not have the Guts to do it)

>>Chiefs 13 @ Jaguars 24 (All 4 fans in Jacksonville has had this date circled on their Calender, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

>>Dolphins 13 @ Patriots 35 (Reality hits the Dolphins, Patriots take total control of AFC East)

>>Green Bay 35 @ Yucs 3 (The Yucs have reverted to the good old days of the 80s to mid 90s, They are honoring one of their Greats Lee Roy Selmon in their Ring Of Honor, But also are wearing those Ugly Loser Orange Creamcicle Jerseys Expect the offensive effort to be just like those days, Run Right, Run Left, Run Middle, Punt, Yawn for the Yucs fans)

>>Panthers 13 @ Saints 34 (The Saints keep marching in)

>>Lions 10 @ Seahawks 17 (Another Game tough to pick, Neither team that Good I got no guts in this game to pick the road team)

>>Chargers 24 @ Giants 17 (Giants just not that good on Defense and No receivers for Offense)

>>Titans 20 @ 49rs 24 (49rs beat a rejuvenated Titan team)

Sunday Night

Cowboys 24 @ Eagles 27 (A Shootout, Expect McNab to have a good game and Romo gets burned late with the pressure to throw to Roy (T.O.) Williams and gets picked late)

Monday Night

Steelers 27 @ Broncos 13 (Steelers show that they along with the Patriots are the Class of the AFC)


Anonymous said...

Hey Nutball ... thanks for Bengal faith against the Ravens ... and they didn't let you down ... but go with the Steelers this week.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

I am going with the Steelers, Don't quite believe in them that much yet,