Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rambling Thoughts of a Nutball (Nov 23)

NFL this week

My Jets have a great day against the Titans. Are they for real? Well being a Jet fan for 42 Years I have my doubts, but Maybe this is the year.

The Texans beat the Browns..Cleveland who many said they could be a contender has to be the most disappointing teams in all of Sports. They have a GM who is hurling F-bombs at the fans. A coach who seems to have lost total control of his team and an ownwer who seems clueless. It just may be time to for the Browns to do what the Dolphins and Falcons have done, Clean house top to bottom and start new. Bring in Bill Cowher to coach and bring in his own GM and President.

The Cowboys win. T.O has a big day, but in the end with him criticizing Jason is just a matter of time till they fall apart

The Bills win big. Have they regained their swagger or was it just playing the Chiefs

A few weeks ago it looked like the Rams had turned it around but they have proved to be among the worst teams in NFL History

The Jacksonville Jaguars were supposed to be real contenders this year but they look like a expansion team failing to execute on bothe sides of the ball..How much longer does Jack Del Rio have?

The Eagles get routed.. Donavon McNabb is benched and he may be done in Philly. You have to think this is Andy Rieds last year too

Atlanta just might be for real. what a turnaround in one year, Are they this years NFL version of the Tampa Rays

Oakland won??? Denver continues to be a Jekyll and Hyde team, Will 8-8 be enough to win the AFC West?

Washington does just enough to win again.
They just might get into the playoffs

And of course you got the Patriots They find a way to win again and stay just 1 game back of the Jets, and the Dolphins really lay an egg and in the 4th quarter totally lay an Egg!

That is it for Today!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Economy and Sports

I just got an E Mail from the Orlando Magic offering a full season ticket package for the rest of the season for just $5.00 a game. That is the cheapest tickets ever in franchise History, The first season you could get the Cheap tickets for $8.00 a game.

Desperate to get people in to the Arena,
How long till the New York teams and their Billion Dollar Stadiums are just as desperate,
If the economy continues in its Downward Spiral I see 1/2 full stadiums everywhere including Yankee Stadium , Citi Field and The New Jets/Giants Stadium as soon as 2009,and even in Boston and Chicago too.

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My First Blog

Welcome to my first blog.
I will be doing mostly sports, Baseball (Yankee Fan) Football (Jets Fan) and some Hockey (Lightning Fan). Some other sports with sometimes wacky or "Nutball" Comments.

I also have a separate Political Blog.

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