Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Nutball Gazette (The Expert picks the Super Bowl)

It is here, Who is going to win. 

"The Expert' has been going back and forth on this. My eyes say the Giants are going to win. The way they have been playing the last couple of weeks tells "The Expert" The Giants defensive line should be able to pressure the Patriots into mistakes and bad plays at key times and also the Giants offense is hitting on all cylinders, The Giants receivers have been coming up huge and the running game has been very good too.

The Patriots has been very good too with Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski, and even Deion Branch, The biggset bust though has been Chad Ocho-Cinco (Remember that name)

The Giants has been very boastful and confident, The Patriots have kept mostly quiet, Some might think they are nervous and maybe a little fearful, 

Most feel this will be a close game but if is not "The Expert" can see the Giants winning in a rout, If it is close both teams have shown they can rally very late to win.

"The Expert" looks for something very unexpected to have a HUGE impact in this game. 

"The Expert" feels that the Giants boastfulness will have some impact on this game. Also Tom Brady has been compared to Derek Jeter and Jeter went a long time between Championships, Brady has the same issue, But he is still Tom Brady, Brady's legacy though is set, another Super Bowl for Manning and Tom Coughlin will put them in all time great category.  

OK Now the pick, Gronkowski will not have much of an impact. This game will be back and forth with a late touchdown, The X Factor and unexpected surprise that will looked at as the reason why the winner wins, (Remember that name) Look for Brady to connect with Chad Ocho-Cinco with a long Pass 60 to 70 yards for a Touchdown, It may not be at the end of the game, But the Patriots score a very late Touchdown