Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yankees No Longer the Model Orginiztion of Sports

Read the Blog below from the "New Stadium Insider"

Add also that if you do not have tickets to field level you will not be allowed to use the Food Courts (Boars Head) and other stands and also to get autographs before the game. After The Blog and Report from New Stadium Insider there is more of my comments.

This has been added on Friday March 27 at 8:51 Pm a blog from Author Jane Heller Confessions of a She Fan More evidence of the rapid decline of the Yankees to a 3rd class Team even in New York.

The part below is from the blog New stadium Insider.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ticketmaster Bait and Switch and New Yankee Stadium Social Stratification Update

The other day, we shared the sad story of an unsuspecting Yankee fan who fell victim to a shady bait and switch technique by TicketMasterNation while trying to purchase some uber-expensive Opening Day Yankee tickets.

Today, we received word that Ticketmaster recognized their error, but was unwilling to make good on it. Here is the email that was sent:
Hello [name redacted], this is Ticketmaster Customer Service with an important alert regarding your order, [order No. redacted]. The tickets that you ordered from Ticketmaster for the New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians on Thursday, April 16, 2009 scheduled at the Yankee Stadium were put on sale inadvertently, allowing you to order tickets at an incorrect price.

We are currently holding replacement tickets for you in the price level that you had originally selected in Section 16, Row 9, Seat(s) S5.

Please call customer service at 800-653-8000 on or before 12 noon Eastern time on Monday, April 13, 2009 and you will be given the opportunity to exchange your tickets for these additional tickets to the New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians on Thursday, April 16, 2009 scheduled at the Yankee Stadium.

You are also free to decline the exchange and receive a full refund. If we do not hear from you by noon Eastern on Monday, April 13, 2009 your original tickets will be cancelled and your credit card refunded.

Please note your original tickets will be cancelled and will not be valid for entry.

We regret that we were not able to provide you with the tickets you ordered. We really appreciate your business and hope you give us the opportunity to better serve you in the future.
In other words, you can have your single, overpriced ticket for Opening Day, but it is not going to be the single overpriced Opening Day ticket that you purchased in the first row, it is going to be the one that Ticketmaster decides you can have. Hopefully this guy will give Ticketmaster the finger and let the seat rot.

Switching gears a bit, our post about the introduction of the caste system at the new Yankee Stadium drew interest from around the interwebs, and plenty of banter in the comments section. The "A-Z Guide" has not been updated, but some fans have taken it upon themselves to contact their ticket representatives for some clarification. We would never recommend trusting any information passed along by a Yankee ticket rep. Not because they are incompetent, but because they are constantly fed false information by their clueless leaders. That being said, our buddy "Legendary 23" on Twitter contacted his ticket rep who has always been good for accurate information. According to him, "people will have access to all food courts on all levels" and "the same rule applies to watching will have to leave and go back to your seat when they are done." Put simply, the guide on "is wrong."

We fully expect an update to the "A-Z Guide" resulting in the disappearance of the verbiage in question. Luckily we will always have the original words archived, proving just how out of touch the Yankee Stadium decision makers were prior to the fan uproar.

I have to wonder if legal action can be taken against Ticketmaster and the Yankees, It sure seems like the Yankees are trying desperately to become the Evil Empire to their own fans. Even though I have been a Yankee fan for almost 50 years I am having trouble keeping my loyalty.
I can no longer defend them as their treatment of their own fans are inexcusable. My prediction is that this is going to cost them huge in the next couple of Years. Hank and Hal seem to be running the Yankees into the ground just like CBS did in the 60s to early 70s.If the Yankees start playing .500 ball or worst like they did in the late 60s there will be 40,000 empty seats at the Stadium.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy Canton Cuts asks for your Help

This is from the Blog Crazy Canton Cuts a website dedicated to pay tribute to Professional Football Legends yet to inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crazy Canton Cuts Asks For YOUR HELP

Those who may follow this blog know that it pays tribute to Professional Football Legends yet to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

You also may be aware my first entry into this blogs series is of CHRIS HANBURGER.

It is my personal mission to get Hanburger into Canton, and this has been spotlighted in the Washington Times.

I have decided to ratchet up my efforts.

I am PLEADING for YOU ALL to sign my petition:

Your e-mail will NOT be displayed, and you can check off a box to not be bothered further.



Chris Hanburger
Washington Redskins
6'2" 220
1965 - 1978
14 Seasons
187 Games Played
19 Interceptions
5 Touchdowns
9 Pro Bowls

Christian G. Hanburger was an 18th! Round draft choice of the Redskins in 1965. He was the 245TH! player chosen that year. He was a 25 year old rookie, due to his service in the Army before going to the University of North Carolina. At UNC, he was a 2 way player who was named All ACC at Center his junior and senior years. In 1963, his team won the ACC Championship.

Hanburger played right away and was in the Pro Bowl by his second year in the league. He would then begin a string of Pro Bowl appearances until 1969. He then resumed that string in 1972 until 1976. Sacks and tackles were not recorded in those days, but Hanburger was a play maker. He is considered one of the best of his era. He was known for his blitzing ability and pass coverage. Ever the complete player, he returned 3 fumbles for touchdowns in his career to go with 2 on interceptions. In 1972, Hanburger captained the Over The Hill gangs defense to a Super Bowl appearance. Hanburger was known not only for good speed, but his exceptional quickness. He had the innate ability to diagnose a play before the ball was hiked. He often would cover the other teams tight end and peel off to knock passes down meant for wide receivers. Coach George Allen liked to have a safety first defense, leaving the rest to Hanburger and his fellow linebackers.

Chris Hanburger's nine Pro Bowl appearances are still the most by any player in the entire history of the Washington Redskins.

The game was played different for the most part in his era. The running game was most teams primary weapon. Tackling with sound fundamentals was a must then. Few players lead with their heads for "kill shots" because they would be injured much faster than today with innovations of modern technology on equipment nowadays. It also should be remembered that players then did not command the same level of salaries that they do today. Most players would work a second job in the off season, compared to the luxury players have today to train whenever they choose to.

As a kid, I once heard a long time local media type say that he figured Hanburger had over 50 quarterback sacks in his career. This, coupled by the facts that are allowed in the record book truly says that there is NO DOUBT that Chris Hanburger SHOULD BE in the NFL Hall of Fame.

IF you agree with me, then help me wake up the Senior Committee members by e-mailing them along with me and DEMANDING that CHRIS HANBURGER be put into the Hall of Fame. If we all do it, maybe they will stop ignoring the facts!

Take a Little Time Out Every Day.

This was sent to me by a friend, I hope it brightens your day as much as it did mine!!!!!!

Thanks to Ron for sharing this!!!!!

Click here: enjoytheride

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Reason to Cut A-***

Was Alex Rodriguez client No. 13?

Everyday there is another embarrassing story about A-*** and what he does in his life.

It has become apparent that A-*** has become the Poster Boy for Worst guy to ever have on your team, The Yankees have become the Laughing Stock of the Sports World.

When they write the History Of Worst Pickups in Sports History the trading for and Resigning if A-*** will go down as the Worst Move in Sports History. In my opinion this makes the Red Sox selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees look like a brilliant move.

So to me the only way to solve this problem is to cut A-*** give him his money and tell the World he can go to any other team that wants him, because with him the yankees have become the biggest joke of a sports franchise in the History Of Sports.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Almost like Sleeping with the Enemy.

For Yankee Fans, It sure had to be weird tonight rooting for Kevin Youkilis and David Wright in the bottom of the 9th vs Puerto Rico in the WBC.
What was going through your mind?

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Wacky Prediction in May of 2008

Look what I wrote in May 2008 also check out this link from my Sporting News Blog from July 2008.

Fwd: Look who is 1st and who is last!! Hah????

Thursday, May 15, 2008 7:30 PM

"Dan S." , "Pete S." , "Mike F."

I am sure you are enjoying this Pete! But when the Rays defeat the Red Sox in the ALCS this October you won't be laughing!

Can you believe it?? Is this 1969 all over again??
American League
East W L Pct GB Home Road East Cent West Streak L10
1st Tampa Bay Rays 24 17 .585 -- 16-8 8-9 18-12 2-3 4-2 Won 1 8-2
Boston Red Sox 24 19 .558 1.0 14-5 10-14 8-11 8-5 8-3 Lost 4 4-6
Baltimore Orioles 21 19 .525 2.5 12-6 9-13 8-7 5-4 8-8 Won 2 5-5
Toronto Blue Jays 21 22 .488 4.0 10-9 11-13 7-10 11-7 3-5 Won 4 5-5
Last New York Yankees 20 22 .476 4.5 9-9 11-13 10-11 7-11 3-0 Lost 1 4-6

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Netherlands eliminate Dominican Republic

The Netherlands have defeated the Dominican Republic in the WBC.
The Netherlands are loaded with Top Quality Major League Talent..(Randall Simon and the Great
Sidney Ponson) While the Dominican Republic only have David Ortiz, Jose Reyes, Robinson Cano, Pedro Martinez, and Hanley Ramirez, along with a handful of others.

Some may say this is an epic upset along the lines of the USA over the USSR in 1980 Olympic Hockey, or the Amazing Mets over the Orioles in 1969 or even the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays over the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS in 2008..

But this will ultimatly be comapred to is the start of stunners in 2009 capping off with the Kansas City Royals defeating the Boston Red Sox in the 2009 ALCS.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Breaking News...Yanks Send Texiera to the Minors..

This just in from

The LoHud Yankees Blog ---

A Yankees Blog by Journal News beat writer Peter Abraham

YANKEES MAKE SOME MOVES, 9:39 a.m.: Andrew Brackman was optioned to Single-A Charleston. RHPs J.B. Cox, George Kontos and Kanekoa Texeira were reassigned to the minor-league camp.

Is Jeter throwing A-Rod under the Bus?

Is Jeter in a way throwing A-Rod under the Bus? or is he just being a leader to his teammates or maybe a little bit of both.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a Question?

I am not predicting this yet??

My Question is.
Say A-Rod misses the entire season,
Then the Yankees not only wins the AL East.
Then gets by the 1st round and past the ALCS to the World Series
Then goes on to win the World Series with maybe Derek Jeter winning the World Series MVP!

What would be the reaction of
1--Yankee fans?
2--Red Sox Fans?
3--Met Fans?
4--Baseball Fans in general?
5--The National Media?
6--Alex Rodriguez?

It is a nice dream.
I know at least one of you will say take My medication!
But I am just asking "What If?"

Leave your comments..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did You Know...

Did you know My family invented a soda and
........called it 1 Up and it did not sell.
Then invented 2 Up and it did not sell
Then invented 3 Up and it did not sell
Then invented 4 Up and it did not sell
Then invented 5 Up and it did not sell
Then invented 6 Up and it did not sell
Then they Gave up..