Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A-Rod Breaks a Major League Record

Congratulations to A-Rod who just set a Major League Record--He now has gone the most at bats between 599 Home Runs and 600 Home Runs, The Great Willie Mays held the record at 21 At Bats, A-Rod is now at 22 At Bats and Counting without a Home Run after hitting 599, Looks like he is not the same since he stopped being A-Roid.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Best Front Office in Baseball History used to be the (Boston Red Sox)

Yes the Boston Red Sox historically had the best Front Office in baseball history,
They totally snookered other teams, most notably the New York Yankees.

The joy Red Sox fan had from the 1919 till 2003 has never been matched in sports history,
But unfortunately for the Red Sox and their legions of fans that was all ruined by a new owner,
John Henry and a so-called genius General Manager who was hired in November 2002, After that it spiraled downhill to a tragic end in 2004 and another absolute tragedy in 2007,

Here is an example of why the Boston Red Sox had the greatest Front Office in baseball history for almost 100 years, I know that all Red Sox Fans miss the Great Days of the 1900's to 2003.

This may be one of the lesser known stories but shows why they owned baseball for almost 90 years. Thanks to the Bleacher Report and the reporting of Harold Friend.

Click on Link to read story

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How the Nutball Gazette got started.

Maybe no one cares but the Heck with it, I am going to tell you anyway

Back several years ago I was sending out my NFL Predictions with a score and many times a wise ass Comment, Usually it got a chuckle response, sometimes a nasty note, I won't name names Pete so no one will know who did that to me. The Idea of the smart ass remarks after the game was stolen from Orlando Sentinel sportswriter Jerry Greene and his From the Cheap Seats column.

Well one time one of my friends said I should start a blog and also I am a nutball.
I thought Great Idea, And sent back to him the Idea of "The Nutball Gazette" Well he loved it, and so it was born,

At first it was just done in an E Mail form than moved to The Sporting News.
By the way I was also calling myself "The Expert" with my "Brilliant" picks

For quite a while I was reading Lias and Jon on Subway Squawkers on the daily News Website, then when they moved to her current blog an Blogspot I followed mine over to Blogspot in November 2008. Through there I have found so many brilliant writers who are much better at this than I am.

Well that is a bit of my story. Feel free to look back and see some of my rants, When you look back you will soon realize why I am called Nutball.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bob Sheppard Also was the Giants PA Announcer 1956-2006

The voice of Bob Sheppard was just as much the voice of the NFL's New York Giants and he did it with the same class as he did the Yankees.

Bob Sheppard Tribute, Yankee Stadium, 5/7/2000

Bob Sheppard passed away this morning. He was 99. He was known as many as the Voice of God. The 1st time I heard him was in 1965, Of course I really did not think that much about it, I guess I really got to realize how truly special he was is when in the 1989-1990 Season I stetred hearing the style of P A Guys like Paul Porter, the Guy in Miami who does the Heat and so many of the Screamers who are good to get a crowd going who really does not appreciate the game and history of the game, I last got to hear him in 2007 live

Here is ESPN New York story

Updated: July 11, 2010, 11:37 AM ET
Yankees announcer Sheppard dies
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AP Photo/Bill Kostroun
Bob Sheppard was honored by the Yankees on May 7, 2000, during his 50th season as the team's stadium announcer.
NEW YORK -- The New York Yankeessay longtime public address announcer Bob Sheppard has died. He was believed to be 99.

His death was confirmed to The Associated Press on Sunday by team spokesman Jason Zillo. Zillo didn't immediately have additional details, but said the team would release them later in the day.

Sheppard started with the Yankees in 1951. His impeccable introductions of stars from Joe DiMaggio to Derek Jeterearned him the nickname "The Voice of God."

Sheppard last worked at Yankee Stadium late in the 2007 season, when he became ill with a bronchial infection. He recorded a greeting to fans that was played at the original ballpark's final game in September 2008. His audio recording still is used to introduce Jeter before each at-bat at home by the Yankees captain.

He told in 2009 that he had no intention of returning to the job.

He was also the stadium announcer for the NFL's New York Giants, who played at Yankee Stadium before moving to Giants Stadium, from 1956 through 2006.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

This NBA Free Agent Class of 2010 was Nothing Compared to

The Free Agent Class of Major League Free Agent Class of (1976-1977),

After the 1976 Baseball Season the Free Agents that became available was mind boggling
Among those available Pitchers -Steve Stone, Doyle Alexander,Wayne Garland and Don Gullett
Hitters, Dick Allen, Willie McCovey, Richie Hebner, Bert Campaneris, Gene Tenace, Sal Bando, Don Baylor, Dave Cash, Gary Matthews, Joe Rudi, Bobby Grich.
Oh Yes Two others--Closer Rollie Fingers and one Reginald (Reggie) Martinez Jackson.
To me this blows away the NBA Free agent class of 2010, There was 7 Proven winners in the (1976-1977) class, 6 of them from the 3 time champion Oakland A's plus Don Gullett from the 76 Champion Reds, add Big time hitters Dick Allen, An aging Willie McCovey, Highly sought after All-Stars like Bobby Grich, Richie Hebner, Gary Matthews, Doyle Alexander Solid players like Dave Cash, and Pitchers Wayne Garland and closer Bill Cambell

This draft captivated the Baseball and Sports fan, At he time teams had to select the players they wanted to negotiate with, The Yankees for example in that year selected in order Bobby Grich, (The Player they wanted the most), Don Baylor, Don Gullett, Gary Matthews, Wayne Garland,Reggie Jackson, Campaneris, Dave Cash, and Billy Smith.
The Yankees also wanted Don Gulllett also, Grich they thought could replace Fred Stanley as the starting SS even though Grich was a 2nd Baseman,
One rule in Free Agency was that a team could only sign 2 Free Agents or if they lost more than 2 then sign as many as they lost.
So the Yankees quickly signed Don Gullett to solidify the starting rotation, the turned their sights on Bobby Grich, However Bobby Grich was from Southern California and when the Angels got Don Baylor, Grich contacted his agent to see if he can join his friend and former teammate from Baltimore.
So as he signed with the Angels and other the other free agents were signing with other teams The Yankees had to settle with negotiating with Reggie Jackson. They did sign him, It turns out that Even though GM Gabe Paul wanted Grich over Jackson Yankee owner George Steinbrenner really wanted Reggie all along. (And the Rest is History)

For more on the Free Agent Class of 76-77 here is 2 Links to read more

Here is a year by Year Free Agent list