Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 12 Picks Part-2

Review of last week 11-5
Season as of Last Monday Night--88-72

Thanksgiving Review 3-0

Patriots-24 @ Lions-16

Saints-31 @ Cowboys-20

Jets-33 @ Bengals-14


Packers-27 @ Falcons-23 (Packers really look like the best team in the NFC, and maybe the NFL, Falcons do not lose at home, Still look for the Packers to come out on top)

Steelers-31 @ Bills-13 (Bills have looked pretty good, but this is the Steelers, Will not be pretty, Bills are over matched)

Panthers-10 @ Browns--34 (Browns have been alot better this year and are going in the right direction, Panthers are a train-wreck, This week will show begin the process of the Browns rise next season and the change that is coming to the Panthers.)

Jaguars-16 @ Giants-28 (Jaguars are finding ways to win and has won big games on the road, The Giants a few weeks ago looked like the best team in the NFC, They are desperate, if they lose they may drop out of the playoff hunt, Look for the Giants to begin its turnaround today)

Vikings-16 @ Redskins-10 (Coaching change should work for the Vikings. The Vikings offense will be no better but the Defense should be able to hold Redskins down to get a victory, However if Favre has another train wreck of a game and cost the Vikings the game he will be benched or cut)

Titans-10 @ Texans-27 (Texans have lost several heart breaking games because of a horrible defense. Titans are 5-5 and just one game behind the Division Lead, But they have less of a chance of making the NFL playoffs than the New York Knicks)

Chiefs-23 @ Seahawks-20 (Not buying into the Seahawks, Chiefs win ugly)

Dolphins-13 @ Raiders-26 ( Dolphins high hopes are crashing down, Raiders keep playoff hopes alive)

Rams-20 @ Broncos-23 (Broncos are a Jekyll and Hyde team this year, Rams at 4-6 are still in a playoff race and still will be after today and being 4-7)

Eagles-16 @ Bears-23 (Bears defense has been outstanding and will be able to slow down Vick enough to give the Bears a chance to pull out a win)

Bucs-13 @ Ravens-30 (When Bucs lose they are crushed, They are a much improved team but not today, Te Ravens crush the Bucs today)

Sunday Night

Chargers-27 @ Colts-23 (Chargers have controlled this series in the past and are on a roll and with the Colts having so many injuries they will not be able to outscore the Chargers)

Monday Night

49rs-20 @ Cardinals-13--(Matchup of 3-7 teams would normally be a yawner, but both teams are still in the playoff hunt and the winner gets to within 1 game of the division lead if the Seahawks lose)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 12 Picks Part-1

My Gosh Is "The Expert" back? well lets wait and see

Last Week-11-5

This weeks picks in 2 parts, Thanksgiving Games today and Sundays picks to be sent out on Friday

Patriots-24 @ Lions-16 (Patriots are on a roll They may be the best team in the NFL, Of course every time we declare a team the Best in the NFL they lay an Egg, So as a Jet Fan I am trying to jinx the Patriots, Hey the Lions are playing better, You never know, But Not this game)

Saints-31 @ Cowboys-20 (Cowboys have turned things around since the Coaching change but this is still the same players that were the embarrassment of Texas, and remember the Saints are the Defending Super Bowl Champs)

Jets-33 @ Bengals-14 (This is a game as a Long Time Jet fan scares the heck out of me and is the type of game the Same ole Jets would lose, However after 2 Games that scared the heck out of them The Jets should be ready and if The Jets get off to a quick start this game could get ugly)

Sundays Games will be out on Friday

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone as as they say "You Are What You Eat" so anyone who knows me knows what I am eating for Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sabermetric's for Baseball is Great.

They did a Sabermetric review of the past 2 Years to see who was the Real World Champions of Baseball

Congratulations to the 2 time Defending World Champion New York Mets

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 11 Picks

Do you believe in Miracles?

Last Week 9-5
Season 77-67

Here does Nothing


Bears-13 @ Dolphins-20 (Bears looked like Dynamite vs Vikings, and Dolphins are down to the #3 QB, Dolphins play poorly at Home But they find a way to win as Bears go back to the Bad New Bears, BTW, Was I the only one SHOCKED the Chad Pennington injured his shoulder on the 1st play from scrimmage? That never happened before)


Bills-23 @ Bengals-13 (Bengals are a team headed to oblivion rapidly, Bills are better than most think and could have 4 or 5 wins this year)

Lions-13 @ Cowboys-24 (Cowboys catch a break the the Lions are so banged up and also Cowboys are playing now, Cowboys players should be ashamed of their play under Phillips)

Redskins-16 @ Titans-26 (Titans are better than what they showed against the Dolphins, Redskins have become the most embarrassing thing in the History of Washington DC)

Listen to the 1st segment of the Lavar Arrington Show on Tuesday
It starts about 1:08 into the 1st segment-You really need to hear this

Cardinals-10 @ Chiefs-27 (Chiefs will take out the frustration of last week on Cards)

Packers-24 @ Vikings-13 (Maybe the Packers can end our long national Nightmare of Brett Favre)

Texans-16 @ Jets 20 (Titans are banged up and underachieving, This should be a Jet Rout but the Jets will have to pull this out late, Have to wonder how much longer Gary Kubiak will be on the sidelines of Houston)

Raiders-13 @ Steelers 20 (There is no way the Steelers can lose to this team at home, (Oh Wait)
Last year the Steelers blew the home game vs the Raiders, Not going to happen this year)
{I think}

Ravens-27 @ Panthers-16 (Panthers is another team that is an embarrassment to its fans)

Browns-23 @ Jags 10 (Both teams have been a surprise, Just when you think the Jags are making a move they find a way to blow it)

Bucs-17 @ 49rs-26 (49rs making its run to a possible division tittle, No way the Bucs can keep this up, Can They?)

Seahawks-16 @ Saints 31 (Saints at home should be able to control the up and down Seahawks)

Falcons-26 @ Rams-16 (Falcons continue its roll for at least one more week)

Colts-20 @ Patriots-27 (Both teams are hurting, with the loss of so many players both teams should be lucky to be a .500 team, But both organizations win, Look for a rare home win in this series)


Giants-31 @ Eagles-10 (Giants looked awful and Eagles look unbeatable, Vick looks like Superman, But the Giants often finds a way to stop Vick cold and makes this an ugly game)


Broncos-24 @ Chargers-27 (Chargers win a shootout)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Breaking Mets Manager News

-- BREAKING NEWS--Len Berman Sports has learned--That the Mets announce

their finalists for their managerial position. Terry Collins, Bob Melvin,

Chip Hale, Wally Backman,

and in a surprise Bristol Palin has made the final cut

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kevin Love Makes Knicks look like California Girls

T-Wolves Kevin Love has a Willis Reed Type Game

31 Points--31 Rebounds,

Last time I saw something like that was Game 5 of 1970 Playoffs

Knicks vs Bullets 1st round,

Willis Reed has 36 Points and 36 Rebounds in Game 5

Kevin Love (Nephew of Beach Boy Mike Love)

makes the Knicks look like California Girls

Box Score

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 10 Picks

The biggest shocker since the Miracle on Ice of 1980
"The Expert" has a good week

Last Week --9-4

BTW I said last week that 6 Teams would not lose, Well I was 5-1 in that pick,
The Titans lose by picking up Randy Moss
Thanks to "Oh Great One" for pointing that out to me

This week
They say there is a Nationally Televised game tonight, Really, Not many people can see it
Great Job NFL with your stupid network and inability to get it on Cable, Heck even the NHL can get their Network on TV

Notes on Other Sports

MLB-The Jeter Haters are outraged over his Gold Glove win,
(Live with it)

NBA-Labron says that everyone is picking on the Heat
(Sounds like the Heat may be a bunch of Wimps)

NHL will have Captains choose sides for its All-Star Game
(Just like when we were kids, Will they start with a Hockey Stick and grab it till someone has his hand over the Butt end to see who chooses first-I know how the last guy chosen will feel
That was my life most of the time)

NFL-Wade Phillips is gone (He should be but the Players should be banned from the league the way they gave up)

Thursday Night

Ravens-16 @ Falcons-20 (Falcons need the game more and they just do not lose at Home)


Lions17-@ Bills-20 (Bills have been playing tough ball and so has the Lions but Injuries to Matthew Stafford will harm Lions offense)

Vikings-17 @ Bears-27 (Don't feel good about this but with the dissension in the Viking Clubhouse I see a Cowboy like effort out of the Vikings)

Jets-20 @ Browns-13 (Dangerous game for the Jets, But they got a wake up call from Lions and find a way to beat rapidly improving Browns, BTW Eric Mangini has earned a contract extension)

Panthers-10 @ Bucs-20 (Panthers are simply awful and those who suggest John Fox is a candidate for the Cowboys or some other top job is smoking some good stuff, Meanwhile the Bucs are really playing hard and Buc QB Josh Freeman is rapidly becoming a difference making QB)

Texans-21 @ Jaguars-16 (Both teams have playoffs on their mind, Still think the Texans are a good team and not sold on the inconsistent Jags)

Bengals-17 @ Colts-38 (2 more TD Receptions for TO but Chad Ocho-Cinco will continue to struggle and this team is ready to implode)

Titans 17 @ Dolphins-13 (Dolphins offense is imploding, Pennington has not played in over a year and he will have alot of rust, Meanwhile Moss will do what he does best, Catch a TD Pass in his first game before he starts his Cancer in yet another clubhouse leading to his release before Pearl Harbor day)

Chiefs-34 @ Broncos 13 (Chiefs rebound from frustrating loss to the raiders and take it out on soon to be Ex Head Coach Josh McDaniels)

Cowboys-13 @ Giants-31 (Cowboys play much harder but Mistakes by the offense and Giants dominant defense takes over in 2nd half)

Seahawks-21 @ Cardinals 20 ( Can both teams lose? Maybe the Seahawks have one of their good weeks after a bye week last week, "They took the week off vs Giants")

Rams-13 @ 49rs-20 (I guess, total guess here, going with the Home team)

Sunday Night--(Game of the week)

Patriots 20 @ Steelers-24 (Both teams are hurting, Most teams with injuries like what these two teams have would be lucky to win 4 games a week, But these are not both teams, They find a way to win, But only one can, Go with the Home Team)

Monday Night

Eagles 24 @ Redskins-17 (Michael Vick is the surprise of the season and the Shanahans seemed determined to destroy Donavan McNabb, This is another team ready to implode as Washington DC will start to call for the Shanahans head)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

J E T S-------- Jets--Jets--Jets

The Game was never in Doubt.

The Nutball Gazette-Week 9 Picks

'The Expert" is on a roll--

Another stellar week--5-8


First some comment. We can see some teams are so poorly run with bad coaching and underachieve even with so called talent-How does Marvin Lewis (Bengals) Wade Phillips (Cowboys) and Brad Childress (Vikings) have a job, Oh one other, If Mike Shanahan (Redskins) did not have Terrell Davis and John Elway would he be able to even get a job coaching a Pop Warner team?

Meanwhile Look at The Patriots with Bill Belichick and that organization and how the Colts continue to thrive even with massive injuries, Also the Titans with Jeff Fisher continues to be competitive through the years, as has the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The one truth about the NFL is that well run organizations from top to bottom are the ones who stay on top for extended times

These Teams will not lose, go to the bank on it,

(Am I a genius or what?)


Buccaneers-10 @ Falcons-31 (When Bucs lose it is ugly, Today is ugly)

Bears-10 @ Bills-21 (Bills win at last, They are better than the record and Bears are awful)

Patriots-24 @ Browns-17 (Patriots continue the roll)

Jets-27 @ Lions-16 (Lions get the bad break that the Jets lost last week and will be ready this week)

Saints-28 @ Panthers-13 (Panthers are awful)

Dolphins-13 @ Ravens-16 (Dolphins road streak ends in a close game)

Chargers-17 @ Texans-26 (Chargers will not go on its usual roll this year and Texans will keep in playoff contention)

Cardinals-10-@ Vikings-27 (Cardinals will make Favre look like he is 31 instead of 41)

Giants-21 @ Seahawks-17 (Not buying in the Hawks and Giants fight off rust to get a late victory)

Colts-28 @ Eagles-17 (Vick return does not go well as Colts hound Vick into mistakes and Manning continues to show he is the best Regular Season QB)

Chiefs-17 @ Raiders 23 (The Old AFL Rivalry is back and the Raiders are back too)

Sunday Night

Cowboys-10 @ Packers-28 (Cowboys continue to lay down on Wade Phillips and quit early in this game)

Monday Night

Steelers-27 @ Bengals-13 (A game that is ripe for an upset but Steeler Loss last week motivates them this year to take it out on T-O and Ocho-Cinco)