Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shocking News

According to ESPN, Sammy Sosa tested positive for Steroids in 2003.

Wow, Knock me down with a feather, I would never had expected to hear Sosa tested positive,
What next, Mark McGuire tested positive also? I am crushed.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The next 300 Game Winner (I mean 512+ Winner)

Everyone thinks that Randy Johnson will be the last 300 game winner ever, or at least in a very long time,

I am here to say that there not only will there be a 300 Game winner, Not only will there be a pitcher who wins 400 Games, There will be a pitcher who will break Cy Young's record of 511 Wins.

You want to know who this pitcher is, and is he pitching today,

The answer is Yes, He is pitching today,

He is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and has won 185 wins so far.

His name is Tim Wakefield 43 year old Knuckleballer.

As of now he has won 7 games this year, and I figure he can win 8 more games this year to give him 193 wins.

If you have watched Wakefield pitch it is apparent that he can pitch for a VERY LONG time.

His arm is ageless,

I see Tim pitching till he is 68 years old (Actually 69 on August-2-2030.

He should be able to win 13 games a year and at that pace he will end up "destroying" Cy Young's record and end up with a total 518 wins and Tim Wakefield can then retire as the all time Winningest pitcher in Major League History.

There you go the Next 300 game winner (I mean 512+ game winner)..Tim Wakefield.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I apologize

I tried 3 times to post a blog about Mamie Peanut Johnson and for some reason the Blog keeps coming unreadable and Obscured
So I am going to try to put up the link and you can see the story for yourself, Some of you will get a copy from me the post in E Mail form


Monday, June 1, 2009

King James? Try Spoiled Princess James!

The Orlando Magic didn't have a chance against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Susan Boyle was a shoo-in to win "Britain's Got Talent."

Kris Allen was a long shot in an "American Idol" final with Adam Lambert.

Rafael Nadal is a Slam Dunk to win the French Open.

But Boyle was "incredibly gracious" in defeat,

Adam Lambert was also a class act in defeat

Nadal was a class in his defeat against an opponent he did not like at all

And King LeBron showed he was just Spoiled Princess James in his defeat.

James showed he is no better than these So Called World Class Athletes


We are in a period of sports where many of our athletes and even the media that covers them
are so self centered and are so "me-me" or "us-us" when talking about what happened.
Lebron has been promoted as the new face of the NBA and today's dominate athlete of all of sports. He works hard, plays hard and has always been willing to talk to the media as things were good, but the mark of real class and leadership is how you handle yourself in defeat.
LaBron failed this test as bad as anyone can do. It is one thing not to shake hands right after the game, but He should had faced the media and answered every question the media asked him after game 6 no matter how long it took. And what makes it worst is that on Sunday James offered no apology's to not facing the media on Saturday night only saying he is a winner and does not like losing.
There are many of todays world Class Athletes and even notorious athletes who do answer all
the questions the media asked them. Among them are Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady.
And even notorius ones like Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez sat in front of the media knowing that everyone wants them to trip up and look bad.

If Lebron James to be the Face of the NBA he needs to grow up a whole lot, Those who say he is only 24, that is not an excuse because he has been in the NBA for 6 seasons, He is now a seasoned veteran, he should be a the leader on his team and of all players in the NBA.

Two other notes, There will be a Coaching Change in Cleveland. Mike Brown is out and Jeff Van Gundy is in.
if I am a Cleveland fan I would be prepared for LeBron to leave the Cavs, unless the Cavs make it to at least the NBA finals I truly expect him to leave.