Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Nutball Gazette--Super Bowl Pick

It is here, Green bay Packers vs the Pittsburgh Steelers.

My pre season pick was the Packers over the Ravens

Conference picks--2-0
Playoff picks--7-3

Season picks--160-106

Now the Pick

All indications say this should be a tight game, The Steelers have the experience and "The Experts" say that this is critical, I agree, no way can an experienced team win the Super Bowl in their first trip there against a expierenced team. (Oh Wait)--New Orleans last year, New York Giants (SB 42) Tampa Bay (37)--Patriots (41) since 2000.

The x factors is that Steelers have a key injury in Maurice Pouncey
and also Troy Polamalu is not 100%
Also the Packers over the entire year has lost many players. Matching up the QBs by stats it in not even close, Aaron Rodgers is head and Shoulders above Ben Roethlisberger with the exception of one minor stat. Super Bowl Rings, Big Ben has 2,
I was going back and forth on this till I saw an image and it clinched it for me,
That picture of Green Bay Head Coach Mike McCarthy is touching the Super Bowl Trophy, Everyone knows that what he did was curse the packers and he will never win a Super Bowl as a coach. Of course upon further research Maybe McCarthy's fandom is coming out,
Mike McCarthy was born November 10 1963 and raised in Pittsburgh Pa. and grew up a Steeler Fan
so who is going to win

My Pick

Steelers 27 Patriots 21