Saturday, December 26, 2009

"The Expert" Picks week 16 (Part 2)

Last Week--8-8 (Ugggh) (Is there any doubt why I am "The Expert"
Season 147-79

Review of Fridays Game Pick

Friday Night---

San Diego--34 @ Titans--31 (A Christmas Classic, But Titans Miracle run ends)

(Well it was not a classic, The Chargers may be for real this year)

Here is Sunday and Monday's game,

Bills--6 @ Falcons--10 (More Ugly games)

Chiefs--6 @ Bengals--24 (Bengals put away the division)

Raiders--6 @ Browns--24 (No stopping the Juggernaut Browns now)

Seahawks--13 @ Packers--27 (Rodgers and company get tuned up for the playoffs)

Texans--13 @ Dolphins--24 (Dolphins head to a possible winner takes all showdown vs Steelers next week)

Jaguars--10 @ Patriots-34 (Fred Taylor reminds the 4 Jaguar fans watching what they are missing with a 148 yard game and 3 Touchdowns)

Yucs--3 @ Saints--48 (The Yucs sink to a franchise low in ineptitude as this leads to a Home final vs The Falcons in front of 47 fans at the Bucs home stadium)

Panthers 10 @ Giants--38 (Once dead Giants now head into the final week with a very good chance to make the playoffs)

Ravens--16 @ Steelers--31 (Steelers win and head to a probable winner takes all final at Miami for final playoff spot)

Rams--7 @ Cardinals--24 (Card get their licks in getting ready to try another run in the playoffs)

Lions--3 @ 49rs 17 (Lions continue to look like there was little improvement from last year)

Broncos--10 @ Eagles--35 (Broncos continue one of the worst collapses in NFL History going from 6-0 to out of the playoffs, Eagles set up a showdown vs Cowboys for AFC east crown next week)

Paper Airplanes--17 @ Colts--31 (Colts put Jets out of their misery)

Sunday Night

Cowboys--38 @ Redskins--10 (Cowboys set up next week vs the Eagles for division crown and for the Cowboys might be fighting for their playoff lives and Wade Phillips and Jason Garrets job too)

Monday Night

Vikings--17 @ Bears--6 (Vikings clinch the #2 seed in the playoffs and a 1st round bye but questions get louder for Bret Favre and the coaching staff as the Offense sputters, Meanwhile Jay Cutler might be paving his way to the CFL or the new Arena League with another awful effort)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"The Expert" Picks week 16 (Part 1)

Merry Christmas to All

I ma very busy this week, Posting just Friday Night game for now.

Last Week--8-8 (Ugggh)
Season 147-79

Friday Night---

San Diego--34 @ Titans--31 (A Christmas Classic, But Titans Miracle run ends)

If this happens it will spoil a terrific story potential Just think if the Titans make the playoffs after starting 0-6 and the Broncos miss the playoffs after starting 6-0, That would be a story.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

"The Expert" Picks week 15 (Part 2)

Review of Thursdays blog

Last week 9-7

Thursdays pick --Colts--27 @ Jaguars--23 (Actual Colts 35-Jags 31) Pretty close

Saturdays Pick-Dallas (Calf-Girls)--23 @ Saints 34 (Not looking too good right now Cowboys ahead 17-3 at the half) Oops 24-3 Dallas


Patriots--27 @ Bills--21 (Patriots get their first real road win)

Cards--27 @ Lions--10 (And so it goes for the Lions)

Dolphins--16 @ Titans--24 (Mahi Mahi's Playoff Chances take a huge hit)

Browns--10 @ Chiefs--13 (I guess? I think it may be possible that both teams lose)

Texans--23 @ Rams--16 (Texans start winning again but it is too late)

Falcons--10 @ Jets--21 (Jets keep faint playoff hopes alive)

49rs--16 @ Eagles 27 (Eagles move closer to Division Tittle)

Bears--10 @ Ravens--19 (Ravens move closer to clinching last Wild-Card)

Raiders--6 @ Broncos--27 (Raiders QB is now Punky Brewster Charlie (Soliel Moon) Frye, No way no how for a Raider win)

Bengals--13 @ Chargers--31 (Bengals have too much to overcome this week and Chargers do not lose in December)

Packers--34 @ Steelers--21 (Steelers are done, Packers are on a roll)

Yucs--6 @ Seahawks--26 (Tampa playing out string)

Sunday Night

Vikings--27 @ Panthers--10 (Vikings put away the division, Panthers put away Fox Coaching job)

Monday Night

Giants--7 @ Redskins--17 (Giants blow chance to solidify playoff berth, Redskin players playing for their careers in front of new GM Bruce Allen-[Son of George Allen} and to impress Soon to be named Coach Mike Shanahan)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"The Expert" Picks week 15 (Part 1) + Comment

Last Week 9-7
Season (139-71)

Only doing Thursday and Saturday Games --Rest of the week coming,

Thursday Night

Colts--27 @ Jaguars--23 (Another close game for these Two teams, Colts do find a way to win and keep the dream of shutting Mercury Morris's Mouth up)

BTW (Morris is back and more annoying than ever)

Saturday Night

Dallas (Calf-Girls)--23 @ Saints 34 (Saints keep their side up as the Calf-Girls continue the December Ice Freeze, This maybe Wade Phillips last game)

Now a comment on this past week news,

The Death of Chris Henry is so tragic, Henry seemed to have turned his life around and to have this happen to him is really a tragedy to his children, family and teammates, Those who have Twitted or put on Discussion boards saying that they were happy this happened to him are truly the Low Life Scum of the Earth and with thoughts like that I have to wonder how they can look at themselves in the mirror or try to teach their kids the way to be a good person in society.

The Tiger Woods case is another sad story but really this is 100% his fault, I have seen some reports that his popularity has tumbled from it's high to low is more dramatic than anyone else in history of poll taking and this includes (Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, O J Simpson and Richard Nixon).

And if there is anything at all to the allegations that he may have used HGH or Steroids his popularity and the respect he has in the community or among sports fans will be gone forever, He will never be recognized by most fans as among the greatest golfers of all time, (If it is true) I sure hope it is not and I do not think it is true, I do believe he has done it the right way, Time will tell.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Breaking Baseball News (Lackey, Matsui, Halliday) is reporting that The Boston Red Sox have signed Former Angel Starter John Lackey to a 5 year 85 Million Dollar Deal

It is also been reported that the Angels have offered Hideki Matsui a 1 year 6.5 Million Dollar deal

One other report says that Roy Halliday is in Philadelphia to take a physical and that the Phillies will make a 3 team deal that will have them acquire the Blue Jay ace and thyat Cliff Lee would be dealt in this deal involving a 3rd team.

Stay tuned to the wires for details

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"The Expert" Picks week 14

Another so-so week

Last Week---10-6

Thursday Night

Steelers--26 @ Browns--10 (Steelers keep on struggling, One more loss and they will be renamed the Plastics, The Browns cannot even beat the Girl Scouts, Thus they are now known as the Brownies headed by Eric Wonangini)


Dolphins--20 @ Jags--24 (Dolphins will have a let down after big win over the Patriots, Only hope for Mahi-Mahi's is that the Jaguars can play like Kittens when it counts, If Miami looses this game say goodbye to any playoff chances, Jags can solidify their wildcard spot with a win)

Broncos--23 @ Colts--27 (Broncos give the Colts another big scare but the Colts stay unbeaten, A Broncos win will almost guarantee a playoff spot )

Saints--35 @ Falcons--16 (Falcon injuries doom them as Saints keep on marching to the #1 sees in the NFC Playoffs)

Packers--31 @ Bears--17 (Packers are on a roll and Bears are playing like stuffed teddy bears as they tumble out of playoff contention)

Lions--6 @ Ravens--13 (Ravens win a very ugly game, Ravens lose this one they will be known as the Canary's)

Jets--16 @ Bucs--10 (Another ugly game, Jets find a way to eek out a win in an a match up of
The Paper Airplanes vs the Yucs)

Bills--20 @ Chiefs--10 (KC trying the Patriot way of doing things is a disaster as it has for every team that has tried it, Bills are playing for pride and avoid being renamed the Pennies)

Seahawks--17 @ Texans--10 (Texans seem to have given up and will fire the entire staff and start over again, Seahawks will win at least this one while waiting for Holmgren to take organization)

Panthers--17 @ Patriots--21 (Patriots are lucky that they have a cupcake schedule, Panthers another team that has given up as John Fox will be interviewing for the New York Football Midget Defensive Coordinator job after the season ends)

Bengals 23 @ Vikings--16 (Vikings have alot of injuries on both sides of the ball and the running game has disappeared thus we have the old gunslinger Brett Favre getting picked off at least 3 times again, Bengals show that they are the Real Deal as Chad "Hachi Go," {Japenese for Ocho Cinco has a another big game then does something to get fined another 30 Grand}

Rams--10 @ Titans--23 (Titans get back on track to tray to salvage a .500 season)

Redskins--20 @ Raiders--24 (Raiders win again in a pretty darn good game of bad teams that are playing hard for jobs next year)

Chargers--17 @ Cowboys--23 (Cowboys regroup to get their one win for December)

Sunday Night

Eagles--27 @ Giants--17 (Eagles continue their march to a division tittle as Giants aka The Midgets continue the downward spiral of a season)

Monday Night

Cards--27 @ 49rs--10 (Cards try to continue the playoff push (2nd wild card along with Packers) --That means the Cowgirls will not make the playoffs Boys and Girls

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"The Expert" Picks week 13

Last Week--11-5
Season--120-57 (Not including correct pick of the Grey Cup Game)

Thoughts of the past week...
>Giants look to be in total freefall
>Steelers injuries may cause them to not make the playoffs..
>Patriots have playoffs pretty muck locked up but they are very much up & down on offense and defense is just not the same
>Titans are on an amazing run, Colts struggle every week but wins every week, Something has got to give.
>Dolphins turned back to the Mahi Mahi's last week vs Bills
>Jets kept slim playoff hopes alive with a stellar defensive effort

>Other Sports notes, Derek Jeter becomes first yankee ever to become Sports Illustrated's
(Sportsman Of the Year)
>Tiger Woods shows he is human.
>The Grey Cup was a spectacular game, The Game appeared to be over when Damon Duval missed a Field Goal to win at the buzzer, But the Saskatchewan Roughriders were called for too many men (13) on the field, so Duval made it on his 2nd attempt to give Montreal a 28-27 win, What is not reported was that Montreal scored what use to be known as a Rouge now called a single for a kick into the end zone that gave Montreal a single point, The difference in the game was 1 point.

Now the Picks

Thursday Night

Jets--13 @ Bills--10 (Ugly Game that the Paper-Airplanes should win but this is also the type of game they lose most of the time, So I am going with my Heart here)


Rams--16 @ Bears 17 (Someone has to win in a match up of a terrible team vs a underachiever)

Bucs--17 @ Panthers--13 (Yucs beat a Panther team that seems to be giving up on its coach and itself)

Texans--10 @ Jags--17 (Jags usually lose a game like this but the Texans seem primed to fall back to a lower level of teams leading to a coaching change and a rebuilding of this team, meanwhile Jones-Drew should have a huge game)

Broncos--17 @ Chiefs--23 (No way the Chiefs should win but the Broncos have almost always lost in KC in December games)

Titans--20 @ Colts 35 (Colts seem to be poised to lose and Titans seem to be on a roll, But The Streak of the Titans ends as the Colts prove that they are an elite team in the AFC)

Eagles--20 @ Falcons--10 (Ryan is out Sunday and Michael Turner is hurting. Eagles make their Playoff pitch)

Saints--31 @ Redskins--20 (Redskins hang tough till the 4th Qtr, but Saints pull out another one)

Raiders--10 @ Steelers--35 (Steelers take out weeks of aggravation on the Raiders)

Lions--13 @ Bengals--31 (Bengals will not choke away this easy win)

Patriots--35 @ Dolphins--16 (Patriots regain some of its swagger at least for one week and Mahi Mahi's will return to the glory days of December Collapses)

Chargers--38 @ Browns--3 (Browns continue to embarrass the city of Cleveland as Chargers continue to soar in December before their Choke job that will come in January)

Cowboys--23 @ Giants--16 (Cowboys will have to wait a week to start their annual December-January Choke as the Giants downward spiral continues)

49rs--20 @ Seahawks--23 (49rs continue their road woes)

Vikings--27 @ Cardinals--10 (Viking defense smothers the Hurting cards offense while Favre continues to advance his career passing yardage (Pro including NFL-AFL-CFL) to the all time record of owned by Damon Allen (Marcus Allens Brother) 0f 72381, Favre as of today has 68,001 which is 3rd all time, Warren Moon has 70,553 and sits 2nd

Monday Night

Ravens--13 @ Packers--23 (Ravens just do not score enough and the Offense is struggling after a Huge start)