Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Nutball Gazette--Conference Championship Games

Last week 2-2

Playoffs so far 4-4

Do not need much time to think about this.

How cool would it be to see the Harbaugh Brothers in the Super Bowl, I cannot think of a better story. BUT..I do not see it happening

Ravens-17 @ PATRIOTS-28 (Just do not see how the Ravens can keep up with this high flying Patriots)

GIANTS-24 @ 49rs-16 (Giant defense should be able to contain the 49rs just enough to allow Eli Manning to work his magic)

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Nutball Gazette Divisional Weekend Games

Last Weekend 2-2

SAINTS-27 @ 49rs-21 (49rs have a great defense, Saints do not do well on the road, But 49rs have trouble scoring in the Red Zone and saint are on a huge roll)

Broncos-23 @ PATRIOTS-37 (Tebow plays well but this is the Patriots we are talking about, Brady proves to be too much)


Texans-13 @ RAVENS-17 (Should be a tight game, but being at home should be the difference)

First the comment on this game, By everything I hear the Packers should not be in the playoffs, Aaron Rodgers is just a mediocre QB and the Giants defense is the greatest thing in NFL History. Why are he Packers even going to show up. OH WAIT they went 15-1, They may be the most underrated team in the playoffs

Giants-34 @ PACKERS-37 (This will be a barn-burner, But the Packers will prevail)

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Nutball Gazette-Wild Card weekend Picks + Playoffs

Here we go, The Wild card weekend is here and 'The Expert' is here to guide you to being Rich and being able to retire with his Picks

Last Week 10-6

Season Record--169-87

Saturday AFC

BENGALS-23 @ Texans-16 (Texans down to a #3 QB who is playing hurt, Look for a surprise run by the Bengals)

Saturday NFC

The game of the weekend

Lions-37 @ SAINTS-45 (Saints win a shootout pulling away with a Touchdown drive in the last 2 minutes)

Sunday NFC

Falcons-23 @ GIANTS-27 (Eli pulls out a victory late)

Sunday AFC

STEELERS-17 @ Broncos-3 (Ugly game, Tebow seems to have lost confidence and looked lost out there. Just do not see the coaching staff to being able to make the adjustments)

Now beyond.


GIANTS-23 @ 49rs-17 (Giant experience too much)

Bengals-21 @ PATRIOTS-31 (Patriots win a tough battle)


Steelers 13 @ RAVENS-26 (Ravens too much for hurting Steelers)

SAINTS-42 @ Packers 35 (Shootout, The winner of this game wins the Super Bowl)

AFC Championship Game

PATRIOTS-31 @ Ravens 23 (This is the year of offense and the Patriots have the most in the AFC)

NFC Championship Game

Giants 23 @ SAINTS 42 (Saints have too much for the Giants)


SAINTS-45 vs Patriots 41 (Drew Brees guides the Saints to a game winning Touchdown with 5 seconds left breaking Patriots hearts again)