Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Other Predictions and Comment

Bleacher Report has one persons Predictions, I will post some of those and Comment about them..

Ryan Howard Wins Second MVP------Very good Chance

Not One MLB Hitter Will Surpass 40 Home Runs-----There will be at least (3) 40+ HR Guys

The Giants Win the Division, the Marlins Grab the Wild Card----Maybe, West is wide open, Marlins are good, But I think it will be the Braves as the WC

Jerry Manuel Becomes the First Manager To Get Fired--By May 1st

Milton Bradley Does Something Stupid--By March 31st..

Move Over New York and Boston, Tampa Is Taking Over--No One thought it could happen in 2008, It Could happen, But if the rays start off slow, They will sell off 3to 5 key players and could threaten for 5th place.

Cubs Finally Win the World Series--There is a song about when this will happen..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Uw7phR9ucA

Angels To Finish Last in Division--I don't think they will contend, But Oakland will finish last

The Mets Also Finish Last----100 Losses (Will Clinch Last by Labor day)

Roy Halladay Wins NL Cy Young Award-----Duh...25 Wins..

The Nationals Finish over .500--May contend for a Wild card, (This Years Rays?)

No Pitcher Will Reach the 20-Win Mark in 2010---See Roy Halladay

Albert Pujols Will Also Not Hit 40 Homers----He is among the 3 who will hit 40+

Ryan Howard Also Wins Triple Crown--Maybe, He and Pujols both have a chance

Cole Hamels Set To Have Bounceback Year and Return to '08 Form--Phillies need it, He will either be Very Good or very bad.

Beckett Will Decide To Test Free Agency--But will get very few if any offers after 8 win season

Tampa Will Trade Carl Crawford by July--If Rays fall behind he will be gone, (To Yankees)

Joba Chamberlain Will Not Start for the Yankees----May be traded (For Crawford)

Cubs Make History with Instant Replay--Poster says it will win World Series, (It will cost them in game 7 of NLCS)

Cleveland Surprises Everyone by Winning AL Central---There is a song about this one...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYojs78Tf9Y

Dice-K Ends Upin the 'Pen by June----More like the Disabled List

Bobby Abreu Has First Season Under 100 RBI in Seven Years--Not his fault, Angels have nothing around Him

Sunday, March 7, 2010

That Never Happened Before

This Past Week

Brett Favre was on Leno and said he has not decided if he is coming back to play next season
(That Never Happened Before)

New York Met Jose Reyes had to go back to New York for a checkup on a possible medical problem
A Met has medical issues.
(That Never Happened Before)

Newly Acquired Nick Johnson the new DH of the Yankees sits out with a injury.
Nick Johnson Injured??
(That Never Happened Before)

The #1 Ranked team in NCAA Basketball, (This Week it was Syracuse) lost a game in its 1st week as a # 1 team
(That Never Happened Before)

Oliver Perez of the Mets gets rocked pitching this week
(That Never Happened Before)

Reports say the Feds want to talk to A-Rod and others including Tiger Woods regarding a Canadian Doctor and possible use of HGH.
Controversy surrounding A-Rod?
(That Never Happened Before)

Charlie Manual and some of the Phillies say they want to play the Yankees again in the World Series.
People Calling out the Yankees?
(That Never Happened Before)

Joba Chamberlain coming in and trying to compete as a starter and throwing his starter stuff he gets rocked hard
(That Never Happened Before)

Sunday Night The New York Rangers make a late comeback to force Overtime only to lose
(That Never Happened Before)

The Knicks get beat by a pitiful team at home (New Jersey Nets)
(That Never Happened Before)