Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 13 Picks,

Rants should return next week.

Last week 7-9 
Season 110-62-1 

Winners are Large and Underlined 

Week 13

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
11/29/12 (Thursday)New Orleans at Atlanta8:20PM (NFL Network)
12/2/12Seattle at Chicago1PM
12/2/12Minnesota at Green Bay1PM
12/2/12San Francisco at St. Louis1PM
12/2/12Arizona at NY Jets1PM
12/2/12Carolina at Kansas City1PM
12/2/12Indianapolis at Detroit1PM
12/2/12Jacksonville at Buffalo1PM
12/2/12New England at Miami1PM
12/2/12Houston at Tennessee1PM
12/2/12Tampa Bay at Denver4:05PM
12/2/12Pittsburgh at Baltimore4:25PM
12/2/12Cleveland at Oakland4:25PM
12/2/12Cincinnati at San Diego4:25PM
12/2/12 (Sunday Night)Philadelphia at Dallas8:20PM (NBC)
12/3/12 (Monday Night)NY Giants at Washington8:30PM (ESPN)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"The Experts' Week 12 Picks

Happy Thanksgiving 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Looking forward to celebrating with family and friends, as I get older I really am appreciating all those in my life, 

No Rants this week, 

Week 12 Picks
Last week 12-2
Season 103-55-1

I really do not feel good about most games, Dallas does not lose on Thanksgiving, Expect them to win before December dive, No doubt on Pats/Jets, Confident in Oakland/Cincy, Indy/Buffalo, Denver/KC, All others can go either way.  

Week 12

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
11/22/12 (Thanksgiving)Houston 30 at Detroit 2712:30PM (CBS)
11/22/12 (Thanksgiving)Washington 27 at Dallas 314:15PM (FOX)
11/22/12 (Thanksgiving)New England 38 at NY Jets 278:20PM (NBC)
11/25/12Oakland 10 at Cincinnati 271PM
11/25/12Pittsburgh 20 at Cleveland 161PM
11/25/12Buffalo 23 at Indianapolis 331PM
11/25/12Tennessee 24 at Jacksonville 161PM
11/25/12Denver 38 at Kansas City 131PM
11/25/12Minnesota 20 at Chicago 161PM
11/25/12Atlanta 20 at Tampa Bay 241PM
11/25/12Seattle 16 at Miami 201PM
11/25/12Baltimore 20 at San Diego 234:05PM
11/25/12San Francisco 26 at New Orleans 314:25PM
11/25/12St. Louis 13 at Arizona 164:25PM
11/25/12 (Sunday Night)Green Bay 20 at NY Giants 278:20PM (NBC)
11/26/12 (Monday Night)Carolina 13 at Philadelphia 17 8:30PM (ESPN)

Monday, November 19, 2012

BREAKING NEWS--Major Shakeup in the Conferences in NCAA Sports

Major Shakeup in the Conferences in NCAA Sports 

"The Expert" has discovered  in Secret Memos that the 'University of Delhi' (New Delhi) headed to the Pac-12. and 'Sun Yat-sen University' (China) to the ACC.

Details to come.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 11 Picks and a Rant

My Rant for the week

Marlins--I am not a Marlin fan, and I think as a Baseball trade for the future they made a decent trade, If they had plans to go after some decent roll players who can play everyday and not cost much for this next year or two it would not be so bad. But they just got into a new Publicly Financed Stadium paid for by the Taxpayers that will cost them 1.6 Billion Dollars over the next 40 years. There are reports of Lies, Money stolen from the funding, He has betrayed the trust of Marlin Fans and the taxpayers of South Florida along with a bunch of Corrupt Politicians .MLB should seize control of the Marlins and the State Attorney General should Charge Jeffery Loria along with the South Florida Politicians who approved this.
It is time to ban and financing Sports stadiums and Arena's and in addition the law should mandate that Owners must buy any publicly owned Stadiums at full value plus Interest, If an owner will not do it the stadium should be seized without financial compensation. I know this is not legal but the owners of Sports teams have been STEALING taxpayers money for decades and getting very rich because of it.

Now the Jets--I have been a Jet fan for almost 50 years, But I am done till they get a new owner and management that does not have singular goal to be on the back page of the New York Sports pages,
That is all that Woody Johnson and Rex Ryan cares about, They do not care about winning,
Look at teams like the Giants, Patriots, Packers, and Steelers who win and you hardly ever here about locker room issues or Front office issues. Not only am I done with the Jets, I hope they get blown out by 30 points in every game for as long as it takes for no one to go to or watch a Jets game.

Now week 11 Picks

Last Week 11-2-1
Season  91-53-1

Byes, Vikings, Giants, Seahawks and Titans

Winner in Big Bold Print

11/15/12 (Thursday)Miami at Buffalo8:20PM (NFL Network)
11/18/12Philadelphia at Washington1PM
11/18/12Green Bay at Detroit1PM
11/18/12Arizona at Atlanta1PM
11/18/12Tampa Bay at Carolina1PM
11/18/12Cleveland at Dallas1PM
11/18/12NY Jets at St. Louis1PM
11/18/12Indianapolis at New England1PM
11/18/12Jacksonville at Houston1PM
11/18/12Cincinnati at Kansas City1PM
11/18/12New Orleans at Oakland4:05PM
11/18/12San Diego at Denver4:25PM
11/18/12 (Sunday Night)Baltimore at Pittsburgh8:20PM (NBC)
11/19/12 (Monday Night)Chicago at San Francisco8:30PM (ESPN)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week 10 Picks

Last week 9-5
Season 80-51

Week 10

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
11/8/12 (Thursday)Indianapolis at Jacksonville8:20PM (NFL Network)
11/11/12Denver at Carolina1PM
11/11/12San Diego at Tampa Bay1PM
11/11/12Tennessee at Miami1PM
11/11/12Buffalo at New England1PM
11/11/12Oakland at Baltimore1PM
11/11/12NY Giants at Cincinnati1PM
11/11/12Atlanta at New Orleans1PM
11/11/12Detroit at Minnesota1PM
11/11/12NY Jets at Seattle4:05PM
11/11/12Dallas at Philadelphia4:25PM
11/11/12St. Louis at San Francisco4:25PM
11/11/12 (Sunday Night)Houston at Chicago8:20PM (NBC)
11/12/12 (Monday Night)Kansas City at Pittsburgh8:30PM (ESPN)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 9 Picks and Some Thoughts

What a week,

>>What devastation in the New Jersey and New York including Long Island, By far the worst Natural Disaster that area has ever had, This has to compare to Katrina, The destruction is much more widespread
  I really do not know how they can hold any sporting events there right now without transportation and with still over 1/2 maybe more without power, I even question having the Giants game there Sunday
  One thing I thought of is (What if the Yankees were in the World Series this year, Game 5 would have been at Yankee Stadium, I would think that either they would have either delayed game 5 for about a week and also move it to a Day Game, or go back to San Francisco or Move game 5 to Philadelphia or Hold your nose Yankee Fans "Boston")
MLB--Giants complete Stunning Sweep of the Tigers,
>>Yankees not sure if Rivera will be coming not, My thought is No, It looks like the Yankees might be a last place team, He would not any part of that, 
>>Bruce Bochy is from next town from where I live now, Melbourne High School (Fl) One more World Series just night get him in the Hall Of Fame as a Manager.
NBA--My initial thought is to say Don't Panic Laker fans, But I have to wonder about the age of these guys ---Oklahoma City appears to have given up on this season with the trade of Hardin,--If Healthy the Heat will easily win it all this year.
>>NHL it really does look like there will be no NHL this year, If this happens I would think 18 to 22 Tams will fold, There are no formal talks However there are some rumors that Bettman and Fehr are talking alot on the phone everyday, so maybe we are getting closer. 
>>College Football, Some say if LSU beats Alabama that there is no way a SEC team plays for the in The BCS National Game, as Lee Corso would say "Not so fast My Friend" Yes as long there are 2 undefeated teams, currently there is along with Alabama 4 other undefeated teams #2 Kansas State, #3 Notre Dame #4 Oregon and even #10 Louisville, 
If Notre Dame goes undefeated they will be in the tittle game, However both Notre Dame and Oregon has to play USC, There is a shot they will both lose, I am still not convinced about Kansas state and Louisville will lose at least one game, So if all the teams lose a game that leaves several one loss teams and a very possible BCS Tittle game Of ---Wait for it Alabama and LSU., How about that Sports fans  

Week 9 Picks 

Last Week 8-6
Season  71-46 


Winners in Bold

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
11/1/12 (Thursday)Kansas City at San Diego8:20PM (NFL Network)
11/4/12Carolina at Washington1PM
11/4/12Arizona at Green Bay1PM
11/4/12Detroit at Jacksonville1PM
11/4/12Chicago at Tennessee1PM
11/4/12Denver at Cincinnati1PM
11/4/12Baltimore at Cleveland1PM
11/4/12Buffalo at Houston1PM
11/4/12Miami at Indianapolis1PM
11/4/12Minnesota at Seattle4:05PM
11/4/12Tampa Bay at Oakland4:05PM
11/4/12Pittsburgh at NY Giants4:25PM
11/4/12 (Sunday Night)Dallas at Atlanta8:20PM (NBC)
11/5/12 (Monday Night)Philadelphia at New Orleans8:30PM (ESPN)