Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 17 Picks by "The Expert

Here we are, Week 17. The last week of the season

Review of last week

Season 159-81

Lets go over what is at stake.

The Giants and Cowboys play Sunday Night A Gaint Win or Tie puts them in

In the AFC the only teams that controls its destiny's is the Bengals and Broncos Other wise it can get very complicated, especially if there are any ties

Well anyway here we go

Redskins-10 @ EAGLES-23 (Redskins continue there path to oblivion with owner Dan Snyder and the most overrated coach in NFL History 'Mike Shanahan')

LIONS-23 @ Packers-17 (Lions clinch top wild card and a date with Dallas/Giant winner in 1st round)

New York Paper Airplanes-16 @ DOLPHINS-27(Dolphins knock Jets out of playoffs making Mahi Mahi Fans the happiest they have been since January 13, 1974)

Panthers-24 @ SAINTS-28 (Saints outgun Panthers to try for 1st round bye)

49RS-23 @ Rams-6 (49rs clinch #2 seed and 1st round bye, Steve Spagnuolo guaranteeing his job as Defensive Coordinator of the Giants)

Bears-10 @ VIKINGS-23 (Bears close out a disappointing crash ending of a season)

Titans-17 @ TEXANS-23 (Texans go out to get back on track for playoffs and thus knocking out the surprising titans out of playoff possibilities)

COLTS-24 @ Jaguars-14 (Colts blow chance for #1 pick but Players do not care, They play for pride and maybe save Jim Caldwell's job)

Bills-17 @ PATRIOTS-23 (Patriots clinch #1 Seed)

STEELERS-23 @ Browns-17 (Steelers win to put more pressure on the Ravens to win)

CHIEFS-26 @ Broncos-20 (Chiefs win for Coach Romeo Crennel to get the job permanently and deeply damage Bronco's playoff chances)

Ravens-23 @ BENGALS-27 (I changed my mind from my pool pick on this game, The Ravens are a better team and need this win to avoid being a wild card and to get a 1st round bye. Bengals are the surprise team of the NFL this year, There really is no way the Bengals should be able to win, But Ravens are a poor road team and this just is meant to be for the Bengals) --"Sorry Frank, I know I just cursed the Bengals"

SEAHAWKS-24 @ Cardinals-21 (I have no idea why)

Tampa Bay Yucs-10 @ FALCONS-37 ( Bucs close out what may be the worst stretch of Football in NFL History, This team is much worst than the 76 Bucs or 2008 Lions)

Chargers-23 @ RAIDERS-26 (Janakowski Kicks Raiders into the playoffs for the 1st time since the 2002 season)


Cowboys-26 @ GIANTS-28 (In a barn-burner of a game the Giants Pull off a win with a 46 yard Field Goal with no time left on the clock by Lawrence Tynes)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 16 Picks

It is Christmas so no Jokes this week. Just the picks

Last week 10-6

Season 149-75

Thursday Night

TEXANS-26 @ Colts-13


Raiders-13 @ CHIEFS-20

Dolphins-24 @ PATRIOTS-28

Bucs-10 @ PANTHERS-31

BRONCOS-23 @ Bills-10

CARDINALS-24 @ Bengals-17

Rams-6 @ STEELERS-17

Vikings-17 @ REDSKINS-20

Chargers-20 @ LIONS-23

Giants-23 @ JETS-27

EAGLES-27 @ Cowboys-20

Jaguars-13 @ TITANS-21

49RS-23 @ Seahawks-17

Browns-10 @ RAVENS-16

Sunday Night

Bears-3 @ PACKERS-31

Monday Night

Falcons-27 @ SAINTS-34

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 15 Picks

Last Week 11-5


Thursday Night

Jacksonville--13 @ FALCONS--27


COWBOYS-35 @ Bucs--10


BENGALS-26 @ Rams--12

TITANS-23 @ Colts-16

SEahawks-13 @ BEARS-14

LIONS-24 @ Raiders-19

PACKERS-36 @ Chiefs-16

Jets-20 @ EAGLES-26

Panthers-16 @ TEXANS-27

Browns-6 @ CARDINALS-17

SAINTS-27 @ Vikings-13

PATRIOTS-23 @ Broncos-10

Redskins-10 @ GIANTS-31

RAVENS-24 @ Chargers-16

DOLPHINS-13 @ Bills-10


Steelers 20 @ 49'RS-34

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Angels Sign Pujols

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It is so unfair, Now the Angels will win the World Series, They will join those other great teams that everyone knew would win or at least make it to the Finals, Oh The Memories The Red Sox vs Phils 2011 World Series, The Miami Heat winning the NBA Tittle in 2010-2011, The Eagles are marching to the Super Bowl in such domination we have never seen before. The Yankees winning 8 World Series in the 2000s.. (Oh Wait)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 14 Picks

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'The Expert' week 14 Picks

Last Week 8-8
Season 128-64

Cleveland Mutts-10 @ STEELERS-34 (Not even a contest)

PATRIOTS-35 @ Washington Gutless-13 How much longer for the most overrated coach in NFL History)

Indy Mules-6 @ PATRIOTS-35 (Patriots now have Mr Perfect as QB Dan Orlovsky will lead them, he has led one team to perfection as a starter (Lions) and now will be a 2 time Mr Perfect)

TEXANS-27 @ Bengals-23 (Texans not missing a beat and unfortunately Bengals are finishing disappointing)

K C Squaws-10 @ JETS-20 (Jets making frantic attempt for playoffs)

Minn Purple PeePee Eaters-7 @ LIONS-10 (Yawn 2 teams going in the toilet)

Oakland Afraiders-10 @ PACKERS-35 (Oakland just cannot overcome injuries and Patriots are surging)

Saints-23 @ TITANS-31 (Saints struggles on the road continue)

49RS-26 @ Arizona Cadavers-13 (No way 49rs lose)

TAMPA BAY QUACKENEERS-17 @ London England Kitty Cats-10 (Central and North Florida
is hoping the NFL awards Pro Football Franchises to their cities in the next Decade)

Chicago Munsters of the Midway-6 @ BRONCOS 13 (Bears cannot move the ball and as long as it is close Tebow will once again win it late)

Filthydelphia Hummingbirds-9 @ DOLPHINS-27 (Dolphins are on a huge roll and the dirty birds will continue to tank and may have given up)

BARFALLO BELLES-20 @ San Diego Deadbolts-16 (Somehow the Chargers will take the momentum of Monday night and choke it away)

FALCONS-33 @ Carolina Kittys-16 (Falcons solidify the playoffs)

EAST RUTHERFORD RUNTS-27 @ Arlington Cowboobs-17 (Two teams who underachieve every December, Cowboys will not be able to recover from last weeks blunders)

Monday Night

St Lois Scrams-10 @ SEATTLE YAWNHAWKS-16 (This is the Monday Night Game? More men will watch The Sewing Channel rather than this dog)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 13 Picks

Here we go, Down the stretch we come

Last Week 12-4


Well No more Mr Nice Guy or respect from "The Expert"

Thursday Night

Philadelphia Pigeons-20 @ SEATTLE WEAKHAWKS-24 ((Really cannot see the Weakhawks winning but they are playing the Pathetic Pigeons)
(This Game might put the NFL Network out of Business, as will Monday Nights game will put ESPN out of Business)


RAIDERS-20 @ Dolphins-17 (Raiders seem to be up and coming, It is always tough for West Coast Teams to come East. Miami is playing tough and can win, But the Raiders need this more)

Indianapolis Geldings-13 @ PATRIOTS 31 (Geldings are truly pathetic, Patriots are strutting their stuff, This could be much worse)

FALCONS-23 @ Texans-10 (Texans are just too banged up.)

Carolina Kittens-16 @ TAMPA BAY SUCKANEERS-19 (This game will put Fox Sports out of Business)

Bengals-16 @ STEELERS-24 (Pittsburgh is just too much for a young and banged up Bengal team that really needs this game)

RAVENS-24 @ Browns-13 (Ravens will not tank again in a easy win game)

Kansas City Griefs-10 @ BEARS-16 (Bears Defense will have to win this and will)

COWBOYS-31 @ Arizona Canaries-16 (Arizona is just mailing it in and Cowboys have a chance to take command of the NFC East)

Broncos-13 @ VIKINGS (Broncos and Tebowmania magic runs out this week)

PACKERS-43 @ New York Dwarfs-27 (High Scoring affair but the Dwarfs do their annual patented shrinking act again)

TITANS-23 @ Barfallo Nils-10 (One of the worst collapses ever continues in Barfallo)

St Louis Lambs-16 @ 49-RS-26 (San Francisco continues to march to a 1st round bye)

EAST RUTHURFORD NOT YETS-24 @ Washington Thinskins-17 (This game will put out CBS Sports, A Must win for the Gliders, If they lose they will end up 6-10)

Detroit Cryins-17 @ SAINTS-38 (Saints should rout vs the collapsing Cryins)

Monday Night

San Diego Sparklers-17 @ JACKSONVILLE/LOS ANGELES/LONDON-ENGLAND KITTY KATS-20 (This game sets Monday Night Football to a lower form of existence than Roller derby)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 12 Picks

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

In the spirit of Thanksgiving. No jokes or sarcasm this week,

Last Week 12-2


Last Year 88-72


Green Bay 27 @ Detroit-17

Miami-23 @ Dallas-27

San Francisco-20 @ Baltimore-24


Buffalo-10 @ New York Jets-23

Houston-20 @ Jacksonville-13

Tampa Bay-13 @ Tennessee-24

Washington-7 @ Seattle-17

Carolina-13 @ Indianapolis-16

Chicago-10 @ Oakland-17

Arizona-16 @ St Louis-24

New England-31 @ Philadelphia-23

Cleveland-13 @ Cincinnati-24

Denver-13 @ San Diego-17

Minnesota-20 @ Atlanta-24

Pittsburgh-26 @ Kansas City-20

Monday Night

New York Giants-23 @ New Orleans-35

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 11 Picks

"The Expert" continues to be in classic mid-season form

Last Week 8-8
Season 96-50

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Some Notes,

The Eagles are a disater area and it appears that Michael Vick era is not working

As "The Expert" said Same Ole Jets

What is going on with the Ravens?

Are the Bills a fraud?

As "The Expert" has been saying Mike Shanahan is proving the most overrated coach in Sports History, The Redskins would be better off with Rich Kottitte

What a tough break for the Texans, Losing Matt Schaub is a huge blow, They should still win the division but forget about a long run in the playoffs

BREAKING NEWS--Aaron Rodgers is good.

Now the Picks


Jets-13 @ BRONCOS-17 (Jets played late Sunday and had to travel for a Thursday game, The Offense is stagnant and They will continue to tumble)


RAIDERS 20 @ Vikings-16 (Raiders should win this game)

Jaguars-10 @ BROWNS-16 (Browns should not blow this game)

Bucs-10 @ PACKERS-45 (Bucs are in total freefall, The Yucs are back)

Bills-13 @ DOLPHINS-24 (Dolphins are playing hard, The Bills look like they just got lucky earlier in the year)

Panthers-17 @ LIONS-20 (Battle of 2 tumbling teams but Lions should win at home to keep playoff hopes alive)

Cardinals-13 @ 49RS-24 (49rs are the real deal)

COWBOYS-24 @ Redskins-10 (Cowboys have found a running game and look like a contender, Redskins may be the among the worst ever teams in the NFL) {#FireMikeShanahan}

Seahawks-16 @ RAMS-20 (Rams should start winning now with easier schedule)

Bengals-13 @ RAVENS-24 (Bengals played hard vs Steelers and could have won Ravens might take out frustration from last week out on Bengals. Huge game for both)

Chargers-13 @ BEARS-24 (Norv Turner's days are getting short)

Titans-13 @ FALCONS-26 (Falcons should rebound and keep playoffs hopes going)


Eagles-6 @ GIANTS-31 (Eagles have set back football 20 years, Might be Andy Reids last game)


Chiefs 13 @ PATRIOTS 31 (The rumors of the Patriots death might have been slightly exaggerated

Eagles-6 @ GIANTS-31 (Eagles have set back football 20 years, Might be Andy Reids last game)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 10 Picks

Another week is here and we are 1/2 way through the season

The Pleasant Surprises are The Bills, Bengals To me the Giants (Considering the injuries)

I am not surprised by the Lions

Disappointing teams are The Chargers, Eagles, Cowboys, and the Rams

Last Week "The Expert" returned to the form on how he earned the tittle "The Expert"



>>Raiders-16 @ CHARGERS-20 (Chargers are underachieving big time and Phillip Rivers looks like a green rookie, The Raiders have looked good but Injuries have ravished the Offense)


>>Bills-20 @ COWBOYS-23 (Bills have been a positive surprise and Cowboys have been a clunker
choking games late in games, Bills had a major clunker at home last week at Home, Cowboys are still in the race for the division, Cowboys at home is the difference)

>>Jacksonville-10 @ INDIANAPOLIS-13 (Colts are just awful this year and seem to have quit, Jaguars defense has played very good, Just a hunch the Colts pull one out)

>>RAMS-20 @ Browns-16 (Browns seem to be cursed and will fall to a pretty poor team at home again sending Brown fans to think about jumping off the Veterans Memorial Bridge)

>>Titans-16 @ PANTHERS-23 (Cam Newton has played very well and will get a win this week)

>>Redskins-10 @ DOLPHINS-26 (Dolphins send Mike Shanahan to permanent retirement and the tittle as Most Overratted coach in Sports history)

>>Steelers-20 @ BENGALS-26 (Bengals shows they are for real and shock the Steelers)

>>Saints-17 @ FALCONS-23 (Saints continue their poor road play)

>>TEXANS-31 @ Bucs-17 (Bucs are getting into bad habits and the addition of Haynworth willl harm the team and Texans are proving to be a real good team and Contender)

>>Lions-13 @ BEARS 23 (Lions not having Best will hold them back)

>>RAVENS-34 @ Seahawks-19 (Ravens are up and down but will win this game to put them one up on the Steelers with the knowledge they really are 2 up with them)

>>Cardinals-10 @ EAGLES-26 (Eagles get a huge break by playing a very weak team at home, BUT if the Eagles lose this week Reid may be gone Monday morning)

>>Giants-24 @ SAN FRANCISCO 49Rs-30 (This would have been a Monday night game 20 years ago, This game is a revival of a great battle of 2 good teams, Home Field and a possible letdown by the Giants is the difference)

>>Broncos-16 @ CHIEFS-19 (Chiefs are a mystery, Looking great some weeks and a joke others, Broncos play hard but just does not have enough talent, Tebow shows signs of brilliance but he will fall just short of pulling out a late win)


>>NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS-27 @ New York Jets-16 (My eyes say the Jets should win this as they are playing brilliant defense and The Patriots defense is just awful and the offense of the Patriots seems to have crashed and burned, The Jets should win very big BUT I have been a fan of the SOJs for 45 years and I just think we will be saying once again SAME OLE JETS)


>>Vikings-20 @ PACKERS-38 (Packers are giving up lots of yards and this might be a close game for 2 1/2 Quarters but in the end The Packers will win going away)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 9 Picks

Little late this week,

Last Week 9-4
Season so Far 82-33
Last Year 59-58

Wow am I good this year? No, Everyone just about have similar records , Though this is a strange season so far the teams that are supposed to win are winning on a week to week basis

Jets-16 @ BILLS-24

Broncos-10 @ RAIDERS-23

Dolphins-6 @ CHIEFS-24

Bengals-20 @ CHIEFS-26

Seahawks-13 @ COWBOYS-24

Giants-17 @ PATRIOTS-27

Browns-6 @ TEXANS-34

RAMS-23 @ Cardinals-20

49RS-27 @ Redskins-13

PACKERS-37 @ Chargers-16

FALCONS-26 @ Colts-10

Bucs-17 @ SAINTS-34

Ravens-17 @ STEELERS-23

Monday Night

Bears-20 @ EAGLES-27

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-World Series Game 7 Pick and Comment

If I am Nolan Ryan I would fire Ron Washington tonight, He had a chance in the 5th inning to put the game away with the bases loaded and 2 out and left in the Pitcher Colby Lewis to hit.
This is the freaking World series and you have a chance to win it today and Ron Washington plays the game like it is April 19th!

Are You kidding me?

Also the defense by both teams has to be the worst both team efforts ever, The only time I saw worst defense was the 2006 Detroit Tigers that imploded in that series.

OK saying that, The Rangers were 2 times 1 strike away from winning it Thursday night.
They will not get a chance to even think about winning a World Series in Game 7.
The Cardinals will put this game away in the Bottom of the 1st, look for Albert Pujols to hit a 3 run Home Run in the 1st in a 6 run 1st leading the Cardinals to their 11th World series Championship

Final Score ST LOUIS CARDINALS-16---Texas Rangers-3

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 8 Picks

Another week has gone by and the year remains to be very bizarre

Last Week 9-4

Season 73--29

Last year 54-50

Here we go, are you ready

Miami Guppies-10 @ NY GIANTS- 27 (Guppies seem to have quit, the coaching staff has quit, This team may be the worst pro team in any sport in sports history, Worst than the '1962 Mets', '1972 76rs' 1975 Washington Capitals', 1976 Bucs', '2008 Lions' and '2011 Boston Red Sox'

DETROIT LIONS-20 @ Denver Broncos-7 (Tim Tebow has never met Ndamakong Suh, if Tebow survives the 1st 3 Qtrs he will drive them to a brilliant looking late 4th Qtr TD to keep his fans hopes up).

Jacksonville Jaguars-10 @ HOUSTON TEXANS-31 (Texans have owned Jags and will continue this at home)

Washington Redskins-10 @ BUFFALO BILLS-23 (Bills gets its mojo back against the redskins who is now showing us that they are going nowhere and that they have the most overrated coach in NFL History)

Minnesota Vikings 17-@ CAROLINA PANTHERS-34 (Battle of rookie QBs Ponder showed promise but is still raw. meanwhile Cam Newton seems to be getting better and better, look for a huge game from him)

New England Patriots-23 @ PITTSBURGH STEELERS-28 (Just time for the Patriots to lose a game)

Arizona Cardinals-0 @ BALTIMORE RAVENS-56 (Look for Flacco to throw for 5 TDs [but only throw for 34 yards] Look for the Defense of the ravens to take out its frustration from Monday night on the Cards and force at least 8 Turnovers 3 will be returned for TDs and the other 5 will give the Ravens offense a 1st and goal inside the 5 yard line)

Cleveland Browns-17 @ SAN FRANSISCO-49rs- 31 (49rs continue its march to not only a playoff berth, but a divison tittle and a bye in the 1st round, possibly the best record in the NFL with is very weak schedule)

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS-27 @ St Louis Rams-10 (Rams are just too banged up to compete this year)

CINCINNATI BENGALS-27 @ Seattle Seaturkeys-16 (Well I am ignoring this warning and buying into QB Andy Dalton) (I got this message this week from Bengal fan "A Frank Angle" Warning to The Expert. Bengals are 2-5-1 under Lewis coming off a bye ... and have lost 4 in a row to the Seahawks. Pressure is on ... will The Expert follow the trend or buck it?,

Indianapolis Mares-13 @ TENNESSEE TITANS-24 (Oh just how bad are the Mares)

DALLAS COWBOYS-34 @ Philidelphia Sparrows-16 (Look for a very long day for Philly)


SAN DIEGO CHARGERS 20 @ Kansas City Chiefs 16 (Got to believe that the Chargers are

better than what they shows in the 2nd half vs the Jets

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 7 Picks

Not much time

Last week 11-2

Season 64-26

Denver 23 @ Miami 13

Chicago 24 vs Tampa Bay 20 (@ London)

Atlanta 13 @ Detroit 23

Houston 26 @ Tennessee 31

Washington 13 @ Carolina 24

Pittsburgh 31 @ Arizona 16

Seattle 16 @ Cleveland 23

Kansas City 10 @ Oakland 16

Green Bay 38 @ Minnesota 10

St Louis 10 @ Dallas 33

San Diego 16 @ New York Jets 17

Indianapolis 13 @ New Orleans 27

Monday night

Baltimore 34 @ Jacksonville 17

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Nutball Gazette--World Series Predictions 2011

Well since "The Expert" didn't come close in his Playoff Picks he will give it another try

"The Expert" keeps going back and forth on this, He has said many times that Tony Larussa cost his team many games with his in game managing. But the Rangers continue to win with so many confusing moves by Ron Washington.

Looking at the match ups The Starting pitching for both teams have been awful but the Cards have Cris Carpenter and he should dominate at least one game. The Rangers have a edge in the bullpen.
The Rangers have more boppers (Is that a word?) in the lineup and both teams can hit the heck out of the ball. But the Cards have Albert Pujlos, The Rangers big bat Josh Hamilton is hurting a bit.

For every reason I can pick one team I can pick the other.
So "The Expert" is going to pick in the 2011 World Series is.....................................................

Cards in 6

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 6 Picks

The Expert Had his Internet, and Cable knocked out last weekend, The Expert could not post my picks, The Expert did get them into the pool he was in, He went 8 wins and 5 losses

Last Week (8-5) The Expert missed on Tenn/Pitt, KC/Indy, Sea/Giants, Hust/Oak, and Chicago/Det (What was The Expert thinking in that one, The Expert did pick San Fran over Tampa

Season Record. 53-24
Last Year The Expert was 40-37

OK The Old Wiseass Expert is back

Philadelphia Turkeys 23 @ Washington Redskins 34, (Season is unraveling, Michael Vick is proving to be overrated)

San Francisco 26 @ Detroit Lions 20 (The Expert is buying into Jim Harbaugh and thinking the Lions cannot keep on falling behind)

Carolina Panthers 24 @ Atlanta Falcons 38 (Falcons should recover and overcome a pretty tough Panthers )

St Louis Ewes 16 @ Green Bay Packers 41 (The Ewes er I mean the Rams are contenders for the #1 pick)

Jacksonville Kitty Litter 10 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 38 (Will Jack Del Rio survive the season. Will there even be 10,000 fans at games in Jacksonville)

Indianapolis Ponies 13 @ Cincinnati Bengals 27 (Indy might have a QB situation like Green bay had several years ago)

Buffalo Bills 22 @ New York Midgets 13 (The Jints showed what we expected during training camp. Simply awful)

Houston Texans 18 @ Baltimore Ravens 34 (Texans are just overmatched)

Cleveland Brunettes 13 @ Oakland Raiders 31 (The Expert was one year ahead on the Raiders)

Dallas Cowbabies 16 @ New England Patriots 43 (The end of the Romo(n) empire in Dallas is coming soon)

New Orleans Saints 23 @ Tampa Bay Bucs 28 (Tampa rebounds and Saints do not play well on the road)

Sunday Night

Minnesota Vikings 13 @ Chicago Bears 23 (Look for ugly football)

Monday Night

Oh Joy

Miami Guppies 13 @ New York Paper Airplanes 18 (Kind of like the old days when before Brett Favre was a Packer and Tampa BAY Yucs played The Green BAY Packers, the game was known as the Bay of Pigs bowl)

Nutty Thoughts of a Nutball

My thoughts is that there is no longer locks to win Championships,
I can see Boston, Yankees and anyone else going 5 to 50 years without winning it all,
Yes the big teams will make the playoffs most years
But I don't think players are anxious to play in the big cities,

Looks like the window for the Jets has been shut down. SOJ are back (Same Old Jets)
The NFL also proves that no one is a lock,
Green Bay looks unbeatable now But who knows down the road.
The NFL has changed drastically since the settlement and the change of rules for workouts and lack of contact during practice,

Hockey is back and we can expect teams that were among the worst last year to be solid this year and
teams that advanced far last season to go out early or not make the playoffs this year

The NBA??? YAWN, Does anyone even care about the NBA?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 4 Picks

We are approaching the 1/4 way point of the NFL Season. Still a very bizarre season going on.
The things we can conclude is
Kansas City is awful, Detroit seems to be for real, and by the way, The Packers are good.

Last Week--11-5

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Nutball Gazette--MLB Postseason Predictions

Congratulations to the 2012 World Series Champion
Boston Red Sox.

huh, what, say what? The Red Sox are not in the what? They are not in the playoffs? When and how did that happen? They are the greatest team in Baseball History!!

Oh well, Lets review what "The Expert" saw for the 2012 season.
Lets not, Oh My "The Expert" has had a very good record of predicting overall seasons in both the NFL and MLB the past several seasons, WELL not this year.

"The Expert" said 1st in the east --Red Sox (Hitting is the best in Baseball, But relying on Beckett and Lackey?)

2nd in the East Not making the Playoffs --Yankees (If AJ Burnett, Hughes and Young Nova come up big the Yankees can win it all)
well on Nova 'The Expert' was right on.

4th in the East--Rays (If the Bullpen finds itself the rays could be a playoff team)

Twins win the Central
White Sox wild Card. Tigers in 3rd

A's in the West Rangers 2nd and Angels Last.

Now the NL

Braves (New Manager, Great results, Much Better)
Phillies (Note no asterisk, That means No Playoffs)
Marlins (Will Fade in 2nd half of season
Nationals (Some Hope in Washington)
Mets (100 losses and contends with Indians, and Pirates as worst team in baseball)

Brewers (Good Pitching and good bats)
Reds* (Last year no fluke)
Cubs (Very weak bottom 4 in this division)
Cardinals (Injuries, age and stress of Albert Pujols drags team down)
Astro's (Not Much Hope)
Pirates (Hopeless)

NL West D-Backs 4th

World Series Twins over Braves (Missed it by that much)

Now for 2011 Playoffs, I have been picking with my head and not my Heart.
This year I am going with
my Heart and Gut and maybe Wishful Thinking

Rays over Rangers in 4
Yankees over Tigers in 5

Cards over Phillies in 4
Brewers over D-Backs in 4

Rays over Yankees in 7
Brewers over Cards in 6

World Series
Rays over Brewers in 7



Now you have to be saying "Hey 'The Expert' you are a nutball with a statement like that"

I have proof. In the 20th Century the 1st team to win 2 World Series tittles was the Chicago Cubs, 1907 and 1908.

Well in the 21st Century the 1st team to win 2 World Series Tittles was "Your Boston Red Sox"

For the Cubs it is now 103 Years +

Yankee fans have been saying it will be 2093 till the Red Sox won a World Series. (86 Years after 2007), That would be a blessing to what the This "Curse" will be bringing.
Red Sox fans are now looking at 2111 at best till they have a chance to winning a World Series again.

Have a nice winter Red Sox Fans.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

week 3 picks

Week 3 is here. Only a few things are clear,
The Chiefs are awful. look for Todd Haley to be fired very soon
Cam Newton and Andy Dalton look amazingly good for a Rookie, especially for Rookies that did not have off season workouts to learn the systems,
The Colts are going to have a "LONG" season.
The Dolphins also are a team in turmoil, They need to overhaul the entire organization.
The Lions look for real.
Last week 12-4Season 23-9